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Application For Cuddle Buddy and/or Girlfriend and/or Ex-Wife #3

Not being particularly interested in getting into online dating sites after my most recent divorce, I decided to take a web 3.0 approach to meeting incredibly strange people and / or being rejected by those who aren’t strange.  So, I’ve created an online form to simplify most of the process of being rejected or stalked.  This greatly simplifies the process, and allows me to pretend in conversation later that I’ve been talking to a whole lot more potential dates (when, in reality, it’s just one 60-year old guy in Florida who’s really just interested in finishing his human skull collection.)

So, please take a moment, and answer all the questions honestly, and I will promptly get back to you about further opportunities!

[contact-form-7 id=”8251″ title=”Application For Cuddle Buddy and / or Girlfriend and / or Ex-Wife #3″]

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