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Autobiography of a Super-Villain

Online only version of the book cover

Years ago I ran across “The Top 100 Things I’d Do If I Ever Became An Evil Overlord.”  It’s a fairly complete list of the mistakes that get made in various media by villains and super-villains all the time, and it’s hilarious.  That spawned an idea for some short stories (that I never bothered to publish, or even finish at times) based around that list – what if the Evil Overlord really played upon the things that show up in TV, comic books, and movies as the mistakes all villains made?  The hero assumes all those mistakes could be counted upon, but the villain intentionally miss-directs the hero (often at the expense of the hero’s life.)

The concept was fun for a little bit, but I really don’t like writing completely two-dimensional characters.  They just aren’t that much fun.  Plus, short stories really aren’t my thing – I like big, expansive tales that say something.  Or at least in my mind they say something – writing is an observed phenomena, where the meaning is entirely up to each reader.

But the concept of an intelligent bad guy stuck around – I used to be a game master for many years, and while I could never play an evil character as a player, somehow the process of being a story teller allows me to do, well, flat out evil things.   Even then the idea of just following a bad guy around didn’t really appeal to me.  If he was truly evil I’d want to see him defeated.

What if the lines became more ambiguous?  Who’s good and who’s bad?  Sounds like a great idea at first, but it’s been done before.  How could I twist it even further?

I figured out how to start twisting it all up in interesting ways about a year ago, and I even started writing bits and pieces down.  When I decided I wanted start doing my writing more publicly rather than toiling in obscurity with a long time between releases I realized “Autobiography of a Super-Villain” was a perfect choice to be serialized online!  It had it all – a cool concept, a good plot line, and superheroes have a mainstream appeal (thought it might be interesting to see if super-villains have the same level of mass appeal.)

The expected ending for the story is written already – it’s the ride to the end that should keep people guessing.  I sincerely hope you enjoy reading Autobiography of a Super-Villain as much as I enjoy writing it!  In fact… I hope you enjoy reading it so much you decide to help support it’s continued serialization, along with the other two books that are being serialized:  “IZ” and “Muse”.  Hit the Support This Now button any page for more information on what you can do and what you get for it.  For example – access to more of the story than what’s currently posted (the first book of the “Muse” series is already completed, and books 2 & 3 are under development), signed & numbered copies of the books, and more!


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