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Day 43: This Is Where I Post About Nothing

This Is Where I Post About Nothing:

Seriously, there’s no real blog entry here.  Honestly, I’ve tried writing one, but, I can’t manage to do it without cursing.  And, it was such a wonderful day until I sat down to blog about Kansas HR 2453.

I’ve got a seriously nice haircut, thanks to a friend of mine, John, at Salon Z here in Wichita.  I got some work done.  I had a fantastic workout this morning.  I had a fantastic time with my loving wife for our weekly date night.

But, I sat down to write my thoughts, and where I stand, and I realize already where I have to stand.  I’m flat out pissed.  Which, unto it’s self, is contrary to where I want to stand: I want to stand with a loud voice that speaks out for love.  It’s just that simple.

First Geek Congregation is about giving those without a spiritual home a place they can be somewhere that they aren’t looked down upon.  One of the people I respect and consulted on First Geek Congregation had given me the two perfect primary tenants – the Prime Directive – for FGC:  Love, and Respect.   And, I think that’s the best basis for a congregation ever.  It’s Biblical, it’s right, and it’s easy to remember.

Tomorrow, I’ll finish up my post where I rant about 2453.  It’s fairly long, and I was having a hard time writing it.  Tomorrow, I’ll be more clear, I’m sure.  Tomorrow morning, I’ll wake up, make a great breakfast for Kat and I.  Go have a good workout.  Work on some projects.  Then, when the time is right, I’ll come back to that blog entry and finish it up.

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