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Meet the new blog, same as the old blog…


“If you don’t like what you’ve got, why don’t you change it?

If your world is all screwed up, rearrange it!

Raise a little hell, raise a little hell, raise a little hell!”

— Trooper, Raise A Little Hell

So, it’s that time again.  That time where I swear I’m going to start updating my blog.  This time, things are a little different.

I like writing in the blog.  I’m usually a little shocked when I realize someone actually reads the damned thing (and apparently I LOOK shocked when someone brings up a topic I mentioned in the blog during a real-world conversation), but I share it anyway.  I’m also usually a little shocked when I look at the stats, and see how many people have read it.  Usually, it’s in the hundreds of people per month range, though “readership” is slowly falling off.

I’ve mentioned before it’s not that I don’t write in it – it’s that I don’t finish the entries.  I’ll start one, get almost done, and walk away from it.  It’s stuck in permanent draft status, never to see the world at large.

Why would this time be different than before?  Well, I can’t say for certain it will be.  But, things have changed a bit.  I’ve gotten used to doing things as a routine.  Take my “Selfie A Day” thing – it happens ALMOST every day.  There’s been some misses – I’m on selfie #176, but today is actually the #212th day of the year.  And, some of those days I actually have a selfie for, it just never got used.  🙂

Jelly Belly Beer Flavored Jelly Beans. Tomorrow, I'll find out what they taste like. :-)
Jelly Belly Beer Flavored Jelly Beans. Tomorrow, I’ll find out what they taste like. 🙂  T’was a gift from my roommates, Morgan and Michal!

The other thing that’s changed is I’m more “write on demand” now.  I can sit down and more often than not push through and finish an article – because, often, I’m getting paid to write.  I do it once or twice a week already, and I’m looking for more clients (hey, need content for your site or magazine?  I’m your guy.  Call me. 😉 )  It’s my largest single source of income at the moment, which is a little scary.  Though, I’ll be changing that in the future, and picking up a part-time gig doing something more physical.

My self-discipline for this sort of thing has gotten better.  I’m fairly happy with that little factoid.

Why start today?  Well, it’s my birthday.  So, it’s as good of time as any to get started.  And, at the moment, my life is getting ready to go through a radical change again – though, I’m not precisely sure where it’s going!  Woohoo, a big, scary adventure to take on!  Now, it would just cause me a little less stress 😉

So, what am I writing about?  Well, this is my Book of Many Things.  Anything I feel like writing about is what’s going to get written.

Once I get back to working out (I’m on hold while I find a new place: I’m intentionally letting myself no longer be comfortable and at home here, to keep myself better motivated), so you’ll hear a bit about that on here.  And, unfortunately for some people, I’ll be doing a shirtless selfie a day that’s only for the blog, so I keep myself more motivated to work out.  I dislike myself shirtless, and find it embarrassing.  A little bit of psychology of motivation at work – if you’re uncomfortable with something, you’re more likely to change it.  But, there’s not going to be tons about it on here.

You’ll hear about the projects I work on like SpeakEasySpecials and League Sports Page.  And, the clients I work with like Plumb Crazy Kansas and Advanced Mobile Healthcare.  I may do it as a piece of “what I did today” in each post, talking about, well, what I accomplished.  Another bit of motivation.

Then there’s my various ramblings about everything from movies to my life.  It’s a snapshot of whatever the hell goes through my ADHD addled brain 😉

Though, one thing I keep wanting to bring back is something I did when I first started blogging ages ago:  a snippet of lyrics from whatever song is in my head.  Though, I’ll one-up that a bit, and include the song it’s self.  That way, if ya’ want, you can scroll down to the bottom, hit play, and have some tunes to listen to while you read. 🙂

Life’s been pretty interesting, and it’s only going to get more interesting.  I’m on the cusp of so many things right now – time to raise a little hell….


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