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Hi there!

So, what brings you here? Well, feel free to look around, check out some blogging stuff, things like that. This place is going through some upgrades (again) because of the Patreon I’ve got going on these days. It’s now become the home to two novels being published as episodic content through the Patreon (Cycle of the Muse and Gamer Zone Revisited). Since you’re here, feel free to poke around – for the blogging type stuff, there’s about half a million words written on here over the span of a couple of decades.

I’ve broken things into sections down below – hopefully, you find something that catches your eye in one of those sections. And hopefully, it’s one of the episodic books, forcing you to join the Patreon 😉

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Dementia and parkinson's disease, ADHD, composition for head disease theme
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Vegetarian burger with bean patty
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Strong man lifting weight at gym
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Vegan protein source top view.
Vegetables and bean closeup, wooden background
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Two meatless burgers as part of the vegetarian experiment

Cycle of the Muse

The Patreon Forward to the Introduction Yes, it’s strange to have a forward to an introduction. It’s bit of text that will only exist in…

Gamer Zone Revisited

Patreon Forward to the Introduction Just like with Cycle of the Muse, Gamer Zone Revisited is getting it’s own online-only forward about the book. Unlike…

The Recipe Book

Salad with Chinese cabbage and carrot

A super-simple thai peanut salad dressing, can also be used as a dip. 1/2 cup peanut butter2 tablespoons fresh lime or lemon juice2 tablespoons rice…

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Every family has someone who writes down recipes in a book, to be used again later. That book becomes almost sacred in some families, because…

Home, Sweet, Insane, Home 4

Our current New Years tradition is for me to fix a prime rib dinner with all the goodies. Here’s it, and aju, and potatoes, and…