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My Experience In Game Development

When Skyler Lovelace of Pixel Time and I sat down and discussed the idea of an Introduction to Game Development (and a Game Development for Teens class) for Pixel Time, we threw together a quick “marketing blurb” on what my accomplishments were.  It was quick and simple:

“Sickmon is a popular speaker at IndieGamesCon, an annual conference for independent game developers. As a software development, he has released seven video games of his own, as well performed contract work in the game industry. Sickmon was co-host on the World of Gamer Zone TV show, which aired in 2006. He plans to re-launch the show as an online series, to be shot at Pixel Time.”

We moved on, and didn’t think much about it until someone questioned my credentials online.  It didn’t bug me someone asking (in fact, I think that’s a very diligent approach to spending time and effort for a course like this – get online, and check things out), but it pointed out one of the flaws in the plan – we really needed to expand upon that.  I had considered a standard resume, but I think this format will be a little more fun (and informative!)

In late 1999, I started exploring the idea of developing games, and came up with a simple game that was sort of fun: Boulder Panic! (version 1) was an ugly, ugly game, even back in that timeframe.  I setup a website, and started selling it online – I think the price was something like $9.00.  And I sat and waited for it to sell – and it did, very, very slowly.  But that was OK – it served it’s purpose, it proved the idea I could indeed write a game, release it, and sell copies.  Not a great game, but it’s important to my game development history just because it was a starting point, and everything starts somewhere.