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September 12th, 2014

( 11/15/2020: Currently being updated – beware broken things. 😉 )

Introduction (in-draft)

It’s hard to get a sense of someone just from a bullet point list of skills. For instance, if you only go by the ‘skills’ section of a resume, you might miss the context of those skills. For that, you’ll need to understand more about the candidate.

Hi, I’m Davis Sickmon, and I’ve got very long history in software development and technology in general. My very first software development projects was a macro pre-processor for AmigaBASIC on the Commodore Amiga at age 16. It was only sold locally (this is 1987, well before the Internet era really got going), and only sold a few copies at that. But, that really pushed me in the right direction. By 17, I already was doing my first contract development gig, and moved to full time employment doing Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) HMI and programing work in the field of Industrial Automation.

Industrial Automation exposed me to weird new programming technologies you don’t see elsewhere such as Ladder Logic Programming, along with forcing me to get a good understanding of User Interface Design (at the time, called MMI or HMI development.) Industrial Automation development also gave me a feel for high-uptime systems: during a downtime event, a flour mill could be looking at losses that are measured in hundreds of dollars per minute.

The job also allowed me to explore new technologies, and always expand my skills. I developed and maintained the website in 1996, along with hosting our own email server. That got me into data and system security, and around 2003 I became involved with the SANS Technology Institute’s “Internet Storm Center” as a Handler On Duty, examining and reporting security threats to multiple platforms. I explored how the role of Open Source could affect Industrial Automation, along with building cool in-house tools to simplify the workflow of projects.

Towards the end of my time there, I founded a small video game company, mainly with the goal of having a little fun. When the day job dried up – they terminated the entire engineering department at the end of 2003 – I split the goals of the small video game company: make games to have fun, do serious development projects to pay the bills.

For 20 years I’ve done software development projects of all sorts for myself and contract customers. It’s been wonderful, and I’ve never had to worry that my skills get stale. I’m afforded the opportunity to explore new technologies, methodologies, and API’s pretty much whenever I want or need to. During the rise of cross-platform mobile application development, I landed gigs that required me to learn React.js, Angular.js + Ionic, all built for each platform using PhoneGap (now Cordova) or NW.JS.

Similar projects allowed to learn Docker (such as a startup I worked with, called DuoHealth, that used a cloud-based EHR) or a wild project that required me to leverage Paper.js to write an full fledged vector editor for automotive graphics. Fun projects like these have allowed me to not just keep my skills sharp and my abilities always moving forward.

However, the business of software development isn’t just about software development for me. Often, I’m dealing with startup companies looking to carve a new spot in the industry. For those, I’ve worked on a little of everything – cloud based email and file storage systems, sports-focused community website management systems, online medical services (pre-COVID), and more.

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  • Provide good products & services to customers
  • Foster growth in new & existing developers
  • Be challenged inside & outside of the field
  • Continue to expand my knowledge & skills



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  • 32 years of professional software development
  • Professional experience on wide variety of platforms
  • Strong teambuilding and project management background
  • An end to end understanding of networking technology, from physical installation to protocol design to client server architecture
  • Heavily experienced in high-uptime fields such as industrial automation
  • Experience in multiple software development fields allows a unique understanding of problems from multiple points of view
  • Strong design skills for mobile development, online software development, and desktop development



[su_box title=”Employment History” box_color=”#406da3″ radius=”1″]

Midnight Ryder Technologies President 1999 to Current
Handle all aspects of a contract development company, including:
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  • Sales & Marketing
  • Software Design & Implementation
  • Customer Relations
  • Contract Negotiations


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  • Hiring of 3rd Party Contractors
  • Accounting
  • Business Development


Pixel Time Instructor 2010 to 2011
Taught classes for Pixel Time, including:
  • Game development
  • WordPress Development
  • iOS Development using PhoneGap
  • General iOS education
R & S BBQ #1 Construction Manager 2007
Ran a complete construction job from removal of old retail image package to final stages of restaurant opening. Handled all teams, tradesmen, and interfaced with city inspectors, along with doing physical construction tasks.
Gamer Zone Centers President 2004 to 2006
Performed duties as president of the company, handling employees, strategic business development decisions, and even from time to time, physical construction projects for expansion or location move.
Creek Electric, Inc Developer 1991 to 2002
My role slowly grew over time to include:
  • CAD
  • MMI Development
  • Network Design
  • Network Design
  • Network Installation
  • Systems Administration
  • PLC Programming



Languages   Platforms
  • C
  • iOS
  • C++
  • Android
  • Objective C
  • DOS
  • PHP
  • Windows 3.0 – 10
  • Javascript
  • Mac OS X 10.2 – 10.8
  • Java
  • Linux
  • CScript
  • AIX
  • Lua
  • Allen Bradley PLC’s
  • HTML
  • Allen-Bradley SCL’s
  • Ladder Logic
  • Siemens PLC’s
  • SQL
  • PanelView

Notable Projects

HIPAA ComplianceVarious2014 to Current
As an extension of ongoing desktop support and website development agreements, Midnight Ryder Technologies began offering HIPAA compliance services at the request of a customer. This includes handling all aspects of data security, paperwork, and acting as security officer for as many as 5 different companies.
Jumpman ForeverMidnight Ryder Technologies2013 to Current
Handled all aspects of design process and budget projections, Licensing, Kickstarter funding, marketing, and development for 2D resurrection of classic Jumpman game from C-64/Atari era. Shipping for Ouya Micro-Console, iOS, Android, PC, Mac.
RetroBeakerMidnight Ryder Technologies2013
Handled all aspects of design process and budget projections, Marketing, and development for Mac, iOS, and Android game.
Cloud Based Social File NetworkCaprock Custom Software 2013 to 2015
Handled all aspects of design process and budget projections, P&L sheets, 21 page design document for investment grade proposal, and all maintenance and upkeep contracts. Project is currently in discussion with investors for funding, so further information is unavailable at this time.
ToroCloudCaprock Custom Software 2012 to 2014
Handled all aspects of design process, client and server software design and implementation, marketing website, and maintenance.
iCareING NotebookFamilies Together, Inc. 2012 to 2014
Handled all aspects of design process for iOS, Android, and future desktop versions of personal medical tracking software for Families Together, Inc., a non-profit organization. Also designed and implemented marketing website, and am actively involved in further marketing and development efforts.
Network Controlled VendingSupply Solutions Corp 2012 to 2016
Supply Solutions Corp provides vending of tools and parts for industrial settings automated storage cabinets and vending machines fitted with a touch screen and custom PIC microcontroller based hardware. Provided both hardware and PIC troubleshooting in their warehouse and on-site at end user locations.
My Little Green BookCaprock Custom Software 2012 to 2014
Brought “My Little Green Book”, a publication of the Oklahoma Defense Lawyer’s Association, to iOS, Android, and Blackberry platforms. This allows defense lawyers to have instant access to relevant law on their mobile devices during discussion or court cases, rather than having to look up relevant information in the print version.
Fruit of the SpiritMidnight Ryder Technologies 2010
A Biblically based project that allows a user to gage their day based on the “Fruits of the Spirit” presented in Galatians. Built using PhoneGap to experiment with HTML 5’s localStorage functionality, and eventually released as a full product.
Kenosha MillingHarvest States / Cargill 1993 to 2011
Industrial Automation project on the largest single-construction flourmill in North America. Original work was performed as an employee of Creek Electric, Inc., the customer requested the contract for support and continued development remain with myself after CEI’s engineering department was shut down. Duties included:


  • HMI Design & Implementation
  • PLC Programming
  • Network Design & Installation
  • CAD for electrical documentation
  • Setting documentation standards for outside contractors
Bang The KeysJill Dearman 2011
Designed and implemented iOS product tie-in for Jill Dearman’s “Bang The Key” book on writing. The product allows users to select writing exercises, sets criteria for them, and keeps them after the activity so the writer can look back at them for further inspiration.
Fountain StreetFountain Street Productions 2008 to 2009
Designed in association with Maha Al-Emam, and implemented a social network for independent music distribution and publication.
DIIODiio, LLC / Maha Al-Emam 2009 is the world’s largest provider of flight data. In association with Maha Al-Emam, we implemented the graphics-intense front end for their online presence.
Golf Game 2005
Implemented Speex VOIP compression for multi-player games into existing golf title that utilized the Torque 3D engine.
Soccer Game 2005
Designed and implemented Torque Script based AI into work-in-progress soccer game that utilized the Torque 3D engine. Title was never shipped by customer.
Marble AttackDigital Snow 2005
Designed and implemented all gameplay and AI for low-budget indie single player, kid friendly first-person shooter. This title used the Torque 3D engine and was released for PC and Mac.
Flip Panic!Midnight Ryder Technologies2003
Designed and implemented all aspects of game, from UI and graphics to game programming. Released for PC.
Tile Panic!Midnight Ryder Technologies2002
Designed and implemented all aspects of game, from UI and graphics to game programming. Released for PC.
Boulder Panic! 1, 2, TC, CB, 2 DXMidnight Ryder Technologies1999 to 2001
Designed and implemented all aspects of game, from UI and Graphics to game programming. There were 5 versions in total over three years, and after Boulder Panic! 2 a re-usable game engine was designed and utilized for The Challenge (TC), Christmas Bonus (CB) and 2 DX versions of the game. Released for PC
Credit Card Authorization SystemUnderware Electronics 1990
My first contract development job was at age 17, developing a credit card authorization system that hooked in with an existing order entry and inventory database. As per customer spec, the project was developed in Microsoft BC 7 with BTrieve for database accessibility.

Contract & In-House Project Stats Since 1999

As of November 15, 2020

Shipped iOS & Android Projects 16 Video Games Shipped 11
Websites Developed 57 Unshipped Video Games 6
Other Application Development Projects 26  Industrial Automation Projects 17

Projects Outside of Software Development

Books In Print    
  The Story of Gamer Zone ISBN: 9781441446749
  The Horror Game ISBN: 9781589942844
  The Plastic Army Game ISBN: 9781475146226
TV & Movies    
  The World Of Gamer Zone Co-Host, 2006 (12 Episodes)
  Free Me (Short Film) Mike


Kansas Authors’ PavilionFounder2009 to Current
Kansas Game Developer’s AssociationFounder2014 to 2016
First Geek CongregationMinisterJan 2014 to 2016
The Save Ferris ProjectFounder2012
Butler County Community CollegeInteractive 3D Degree Steering Advisory Board2010 to Current
SANSSANS Handler On Duty Rotation2003 to 2004
IndieGamesConSpeaker2001 to 2003