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If you’re looking to email me, just contact me below.  If you’re looking to catch up with me on various social networks, here’s a quick list – by no means is this the complete list of places I can be found, but it’s a dang good start for contact information on me:

I try and respond to anyone who contacts me, but I’ll apologize in advance for it sometimes being delayed.  Work, real life, and my various projects often get in the way of being as expedient as I’d like to be! 🙂


As of 5/4/2016, this contact form is free to use for non-commercial contacts.  If you are attempting to use this contact for for business purposes such as, but not limited to:

  • Proposals
  • SEO / SMO Services
  • Google Ranking
  • Web Development Services
  • App Development Services

You will be billed $500 by Midnight Ryder Technologies.  All payments are due upon receipt.  Failure to pay said invoice in a timely manner will most likely result in legal claims, and eventually referral to collections.

If you need to contact Davis Ray Sickmon, Jr about business matters, use the contact form on the Midnight Ryder Technologies website.