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Yes, I’m a writer – I can produce tons of text, and I do so frequently with the various sections of my blog.  However, I do write things beyond the usual blogging.  At the moment I have two books in print, and two more on the way.  But we’ll get to those in a moment.  First, let’s look at the books that are being serialized every here on the site:


Summed up in a single line: a futuristic zombie tale from beginning to end.

Earth is besieged by a plague unrivaled in the history.  The tale begins in 2021 where technology may have given us our fondest wish – immortality.  Unfortunately the side effect of the wish will undo us all. Rather than just being thrown in after mankind has fallen you’ll follow as the world attempts to cope with it’s potential demise as IZ slowly devours the population.



A romance of the human mind.

We all have an internal dialog, that back and forth talk that occurs in our head between different parts of our personality when we try and make decisions.  Of course, those voices are just our own mind, not their own distinct personalities, right?  But what if they weren’t – what if they really were entities, separate and distinct, but yet still a part of us?  And what happens when an external influence – a Muse – shows up for a visit?


Autobiography of a Super-Villain

How does one become one of the most hated men on the planet?

Vladimir Mortis, AKA “Emperor Death” tells his tale.  From his rise to power in the 1970’s to his greatest battles with heroes and villains alike, to his final days as the leader of his native country Slavernia.


Muse is book one of a trilogy (“Muse,” Muse: Evolution” and “Muse: Faith”), and Autobiography of a Super-Villain is planned on being a rather large group of books (how many exactly are involved is undetermined at the moment.)  At the moment I’m only planning on posting book one of each – but who knows, if I get good enough response I may post the entire series!

All three books being serialized will also be published in standard print too (along with eBook formats) when each of the entire books are completely printed online – so even if you love reading them as a serial you’ll still get a chance to curl up with them in your favorite park, bathtub, or bed.


Books Currently in Print:

So what about the stuff I’ve already done?  Both of the books mentioned here can be picked up online through or off of the website for each one:


The Story of Gamer Zone

A business from birth to death and beyond.

The Story of Gamer Zone chronicles a business from it’s beginning to end, as told by the owner.  Most people want to sweep failures under the rug, but I decided to turn it into an opportunity for everyone else to learn!


The Horror Game

Roleplaying has never been so deadly.

For anyone who loves cheesy horror movies and role playing games, The Horror Game provides a “rules lite” environment for both experienced gamers and first time role players.  Excellent as an introduction game or filler game for the nights where a few players are missing!


Scheduled for Print:

I’ve got a few works that should be in print “sometime soon” – but I haven’t finished a few final touches on them.  Sometimes it’s something as simple as cover art, sometimes it’s a missing section necessary to wrap it all up.


The Horror Game:  Long Term Commitments

The Horror Game gets a sequel, of course.

Over a year after releasing The Horror Game, the most insane players have been asking for rules for campaigns (rather than one-night games) based around The Horror Game.  Well, they exist – I just need to publish them!


The Horror Game:  One Night Stands

The Horror Game gets another sequel, because you can never have anything in the horror genre stay dead long.

The long awaited (OK, in my mind at least) source book for more campaigns, bad guys, and scenarios for The Horror Game!


The Plastic Army Game

Everyone loves playing with little plastic army men – now there’s a game for that.

Based on the same concept of “rules lite” gaming as The Horror Game, The Plastic Army game brings new life to an old play toy.  Full rules for everything from map based games to playing in the middle of your favorite restaurant!




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