2016 Selfie Gallery

In 2016, I decided I was going to do Selfie A Day, posting one picture of myself a day. Now, I didn’t always take the picture that day – sometimes I’d end up with a “backlog” of selfies I wanted to use, sometimes I was wracking my brain to take one I liked. I managed to post over 300 selfies, but fell short of 365. Close enough. But, in the process, I took a whopping 1,800+ photos of me.

First, here’s the video version:

Well, not JUST me. Friends, family, customers, cats, dogs, places, cars, even a stranger or two.  Most of the photos have duplicates – different color variation versions, as I’d use a 3rd party piece of software or service like Instagram to tweak out what the photos looked like.  I’d also take a few tries at it – you’ll see a bunch of them that are me with different angles, facial expressions, etc.  And, since I write articles, I also have a few of them that were shots that I tried to use in the articles rather than having to find a photo that fit (for instance, one for ADHD.)

I will say that the quality of the selfies improved with time.  Along the way I learned quite a bit about improving my “pose”, lighting, coloring, and ways to make a shot dramatic.  There’s also a couple of parody shots in there, because I had fun with all of this as I was doing it.

This is all compiled in a video, too, which looks like some sort of weird movie in fast-forward.  But, that’s in a different post 😉

But, this is the entire set, bad shots, duplicate tries and all.