A long lost Sickmon?

I found another Sickmon. Well, actually, she found me. Shannon Sickmon emailed me today, introducing herself and sayin’ that we were probably family. Well, there’s a really high likely hood of that – she said there’s probably only 40 Sickmon left (make that 41 with Heather bein’ inducted into the family ;-), and we’re all pretty much related. Dad confirmed that one.

Kind of interesting to run into another one of use select few who bear the name 😉 Of course, I’ve never been much of a family person – I’m aways been more close with my friends than my family. Just one o’ those things. Anway, emailed ‘er back, and we’ll try and see how we are related. Of interest was that her email address was @senate.gov – she worked for a senator there. I say worked for, since he just lost his re-election recently.

MidnightRyder.Com is almost moved. The whole thing moved to a new server at DreamHost. Wow – what a difference. Quick service so far, and everthing went almost perfectly smooth. Almost – DNS, as usual, is a pain. It may be up to 7 days before the entire world knows about the new location for MidnightRyder.Com. Oh well.

Because of the new site, there’s lots o’ new stuff that I’ll finally be able to do (mailing list archives for the professional mailing lists I run is just one of MANY things I can get away with now!)

I’m whipin’ through maze creation for Maze Panic! fairly quickly, but, I discovered that you can only stare at a black & white maze (I’m importing them as height-maps, making the process as simple as possible) maze for so long before your eyeballs burn out, your brain turns to jelly, and you are no longer able to continue. However, luckly it only takes an hour to generate a fairly challenging maze. This is going to make the whole process fairly cool 🙂

Ok, off to home – time for other work. Mud & drywall work, as we continue the process of preping the basement offices 🙂

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