About The Link Pile

The Link Pile is a sort of bookmarking system for myself.  Over the years I’ve moved computing platforms multiple times, and have even managed to loose my entire bookmark database a couple of those times due to hard drive crashes -it’s amazing what you don’t think about backing up when you do backups.  And even if I did have my bookmarks, well, bookmarking tech sucks.  There should be a better summary of what I’ve bookmarked, with better tagging.  It’s no uncommon to bookmark stuff, then later wonder “what the heck does this link to, anyway”, since the site description was sub-par.  And there’s a number of domains and pages that just don’t exist anymore, so someday I need to sort through those and clean ’em out.

On top of that, I’m always having to hunt down links I tell people about – if I just had a nice bookmark sharing system that was under my control.  Notice that last part – under my control.  Yes, there exists multiple social bookmarking services, but you’ll also notice two of the largest have been on the verge of going under before (and one on the edge of ceasing to exist because of the company that bought it up), I decided I want something that’s more directly under my control.  It doesn’t take much to keep one domain online and running.

Since my domains have been around for a while, I decided to mesh all of my problems together into one equally inadequate solution:  The Link Pile.  It’s sorted, with little summaries of the links.  I can visit it from any computer (logged into the site or not), direct friends and customers to links on there, link to sections on specific topics, and all sorts of other stuff.  Problem is, well, it doesn’t directly integrate with Safari, Chrome, IE, and Firefox.  I suppose in the future I might get around to writing a neat little bookmarklet that allows me to post to it, but I doubt I ever do 🙂

So, presented for your browsing pleasure – my Link Pile.  Given how much stuff I’ve got bookmarked at the moment (across multiple machines and browsers), it’s going to be a while before it all comes online.   You’re welcome to suggest links in each of the various categories if ya’ know of something I should add to it – just leave a comment in the category.

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