Announcing Three Serialized Books…

It’s been decided – I’m going to be serializing three brand new books by myself here on  This should be fun 😉

First off is “Muse.”  Book one of three, Muse presents a whole new take on the human mind.  What if those little voices in our heads were more than just our own brain at work?  What if they really were distinct personalities within ourselves?  And what happens if an external influence – a Muse, for instance – comes for a visit to shake things up?

The second one doesn’t have a final name yet – working title is “IZ”.  Zombies are all the rage – but there’s no real new stories to tell in the genre.  Until now.  Set in the near future, “IZ”  complete redefines the survival horror genre by applying a little modern science to the recreation of one of horror’s greatest enemies.

“Autobiography of a Super-Villain” looks at the world of super-heroes and super-villains through the eyes of the world’s foremost super-villians.  What motivates a man to enslave an entire country, kill scores of super-heroes and even a few rival super-villians?  Vladamir Mortis – otherwise known as Emperor Death – tells his side of the story.

All three books will have weekly postings – Muse will have two sections a week (it’s the easiest, since the book is already written ;-), and “IZ” and “Autobiography of a Super-Villian” will take turns on which one gets one or two posts a week.

There is going to be a subscription plan – if you want, you can just read the sections that get posted weekly for free, or you can subscribe and read everything that I’ve got written already.  Great for those who are impatient, and great for supporting the development of the books!  (If you just read the weekly sections you can also donate to help keep the author moving on them 🙂

One sci-fi survival horror, one super-hero, and one… er… unique romance of the human mind story all for one price.  What’s the price?  That will be announced next week with the official kick-off 🙂

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