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Another Blog

Another Blog

So, I’m starting another blog.  I’m not getting rid of this one or anything, I’m just starting up a second one.  Here’s the deal – Taillefer Farms (Doc’s farm) has a webpage, and a “plan” behind it.  Part of the plan was for Doc to add content to it in the form of blog entries and stories.  

Problem with that plan is Doc doesn’t really have time for it.  So after some discussion, I’m going to be writing blog entries on it from time to time.  I’m writing from the perspective of dealing with a farm and horses from someone who isn’t an expert. 
Whenever I throw up a new blog entry, I’ll post a link to it on here, just so people can keep up with it if ya’ want.
(The first one’s just an introduction, nothing special.)
I still need to get Doc’s help at some point to set down with me and go through all the horse pictures I have (oh holy hell there’s a lot) and identify horses for me, so I can get the pictures of all of ’em up there.
As for this blog – well, I’m probably going to start updating it a little more often again, just for the fuck of it.

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