Another Day Another Job, Welcome to a New Hell, Bitch!

Another day, another Job

Well, since I’m not doing BBQ joints anymore, I opened up to more contract work. Ask, and ye shall receive. I landed more work on Monday, some that I’m doing this week and some down the road. One of them is HUGE labor wise, and lands sometime before August. If I keep doing these gigs, I’ll have all my bills payed off way ahead of schedule. Man that would be nice.

Did finish up another job today:  The Kenosha Wrestling Club.  By no means was it a big web job, but, it’s money.  All income is accepted 😉

I’ve also FINALLY layed down some work on my own website.  It’s hard to pick up contracting gigs if you don’t have your name out there.  I’m going to also be doing something a little odd – I’m going to have a second blog going now.  I’m going to mirror the entries from MySpace over there (maybe – haven’t decided yet FOR SURE), along with writing some business only type entries about what’s going on with the movie stuff, contracting gigs, and game development.  I’ll have to resurrect and post the semi-infamous “So You Want To Start A Game Development Company” article I wrote (which got A LOT of reading when I posted it way back when in like… 2002 originally.  2002 seems like a lifetime or two ago.)

Why a second blog, and why attached to a business website?  Google, baby.  Google (and the rest of the similar search technologies) are based on keywords.  The more territory you cover, the more searchable you are.  But they hate “junk content” that doesn’t relate to anything.  So you gotta make it true filler – informative and possible useful.

It will be a while before I get the site completed.  Right now, I’ve got the “Cut Bait or Fish” problem:  I have to spend time doing the work (the Fish part), but I need to spend time also generating more work in the future (the Cut Bait) part.  I’ve gotta ballance my time and get both done.

Welcome to a New Hell, Bitch!

I keep eyeballing diets and workouts.  And I started executing on the diet portion slowly now – I haven’t cut out pop completely, but, I have very little of it.  Instead, it’s tea and juices.  I added the juice this time because it does have sugar – though the juice I’ve been drinking has more than it SHOULD have.  Less than a Pepsi per serving, but, that’s still too much.  But at least I’m getting something good outta it.  I did some calculating – I drink about 4 of those 52oz. QT cups of Pepsi per day, 5 sometimes.  4 a day would be 2,600 calories!!!  Age, weight, height, etc. calculated, I should only be taking in 2617 calories a day!  HOLY CRAP!

Now it’s time for that second part the workout part.  Brandon and I were chatting today, and he recently started working out and going to the YMCA today.  I didn’t feel too bad about loosing the R&S work, except well… I’m no longer active for 8 hours a day now :-(  So I mentioned joing the Y too.  Brandon got all sorts of excited about that, and we got to chatting about my goals.

Goal #1 is to rip that fat around my mid-section off.  So he comes up with a plan.

Jesus H Christ.  I’m in trouble now.  He’s going to quit doing weight training for 6 weeks or so, and drag my ass onto the Navy Seal Workout.  Yes, like, THOSE Navy Seals.  Brandon had passed the fitness test to be a Navy Seal (then him and the Navy had a parting of ways.), and knows the regeme, so he sends me to the website on the subject.

Oh, this is gonna motherfucking hurt like hell.  I mean BAD.  But, honestly, it sounds like about the best idea I’ve ever heard.  I read an article in Playboy ages ago on the Navy Seal workout that a civilian had done.  He said it was a bitch, and he damned near quit, but I remember him saying it was amazing what the results were.  No wonder, you’re pushing your body like fucking crazy when you do it.  

So, screw it – I’m gonna do it.  In two weeks, I’m getting my YMCA membership, and getting started.  Fuck this is gonna hurt.  But the results will be SO worth it 🙂

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