Another good day…

Well, this day wasn’t HIGHLY constructive, but, it was a good day none the less. Had to take a road trip to Fredonia, KS to look at a fiberoptic job for Lafarge, a concrete and toxic waste incenerator plant (What a combination, eh? Apparently they don’t make much money from the concrete it’s self. It’s the fact that they have a system that runs at high enough temperature that they can burn some oil byproducts that they make the money off of destroying the toxic wastes. Kinda cool, since it means the heat from destroying the oils doesn’t go to waste!) 1 1/2 hour up, 1 1/2 hour back, and a stop in Independance, KS to visit our ex-parent company. Pretty much blew the entire work day right there. Got back to the office at 3:30 PM (woke up early and got to the office at 7 AM this morning) and decided to take off early.

Went home, grabbed Heabo, and we treked to Lowes to pick up some parts and I went to help a friend install a new phone line. I thought she still lived in a trailer – so some of the parts weren’t right. Gonna fix the problem next Monday. Heabo and I hit Spaghetti Jacks, and had really horrible itallian food.

Went to Sears after that, and bought more Ultra Weatherbeater (awsome paint 🙂 at $30 a gallon. Damned that’s expensive stuff! Broke down and bought me a baby rotortiller / cultivator (one small enought to use between rows in the garden. Think lazy man’s hoe 🙂 Not gonna get it until Thursday, since it’s not instock at the moment. I’m an instant gratification kind of guy, and want things RIGHT NOW when I order it. Bummer…

Got home, checked my email, and I’ve got something in there I’ve never actually seen before – a rejection letter from a publisher. I’ve had a publisher say no before, but, only after trying to find some place to make it fit in. This one was an out and out rejection for both Tile Panic! and Boulder Panic! 2 DX. BP!2DX being rejected doesn’t phase me in the least – I expect that damned thing to DIE eventually. Too bad it sells a copy here and there from time to time, otherwise I’d completely kill it off. Maybe I need to do another one (BP!3 is actually partially done, setting on my hard drive. Has been for over a year! 😉 and release it one ‘o these days. TP! getting rejected though kinda surprised me – it was rejected on the basis of the artwork. Hmm… I’m getting ready to do an update of it anyway, so maybe it’s time to look through it all and see what I can make work a bit better and look nicer. (Heck, if anyone has suggestions, holler!)

But, at the same time it was one of those days where nothing can really phase me – which isn’t too abnormal. I suppose that I’m pretty glad I’m one of those people that doesn’t let things get me down – otherwise a day like this would really suck 😉

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