Back to Hell III: Again?!

Well, shit. Looks like I have a very short job to do in Tama, IA again. Seems there was a miscommunication between the specs and what the final accepted job was. Unluckly, it was my mistake. Fuck. If there’s one thing I can’t stand, it’s making a friggin’ mistake like this. I did a lot of double checking, etc. on this particular job, and somehow I still got screwed on it. Oh well – I only have to terminate 4 fibers (8 total terminations, plus certification) so it’s not THAT big of a deal.

Been programming like crazy on various stuff. The BBS is usable now, and I’m putting in all the ‘fancy stuff’ that belongs in it. It’s got a security problem, but it’s not that much of an issue (if someone should happen to hijack an account they still can’t get to your credit card information, etc. All they can do is pose as you for a short bit.) But it’s something that needs to be fixed anyway.

Right now there’s not any game modules written for the BBS. It CAN run anything I want it to, using some interesting tricks I developed (the BBS software it’s self is a hard-wired proxy server. Neat stuff how it works – only one port is ever needed busted through a firewall, since from there the client is a proxy on the local machine that tunnels to the server, which proxy’s for the actual game server. I’m never going to bother explaining exactly how it all works to the end user – just that it works, and what to do 😉

The BBS software looks REALLY retro BBS style – black background, with standard ANSI display. Thankfully, this is MK I version of the protocols and software involved. In the future, I’ll slowly begin replacing it.

It does look like I finally have A Plan when it comes to employment. I’m going to ride out Creek for as long as it lasts, and then go full time Indie game developer. June 3rd or 4th I should know if I’m getting that big ol’ game contract for an educational game. Plus if I can get the BBS released, well, I’ve got continued revenue streams that start immediately. Well, immediately meaning in the next couple o’ weeks.

Hopefully, I can get this to all work out perfectly. Otherwise… it’s off to job hunting for me 😉

crossed fingers and toes 


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we are hopeing thingszx go well for you ….timing is everything….

let us know what we can do to help..(if anything)

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