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Sheesh, I’ve been too damned busy lately. The problem is doing stuff like screening the back porch (I’ve got a screened in back porch again!) working on games, and in particular working on Black Nova traders. When I installed the game at MidnightRyder.Com, I wasn’t planning on doing TOO much to it. Now planets have tech levels and sub tech-levels (30 different technologies total), though not all of them are enabled. Players can now start as certian races, I’ve beat the hell out of a lot of bugs, added skills for the players (ditto – not all enabled), etc. Plus, at work I’m building up yet another new server (finally moving all services to a new 1.4 Ghz machine with 512 MB ram, etc.), and writing the manual for the Rice Mill in Jonesboro, AR (which is 33 pages and gorwin.)

BlackNova Traders has been my most major obsession lately. I’m using the PHP version as a prototyping tool – I can SEE in my head what I want. GarageGames just changed thier licensing agreement, which gives me A LOT more leway on what I can get away with.

So I’m starting a new project when Trajectory is done – a BBS. Not just any BBS, a modern BBS that uses a 3D engine for navigation and games, but, keeps the intimacy and concepts that made BBS’s a good thing. And already I’ve got a couple o’ people hyped at the idea of a BBS.

Right now, MMORPGs work mainly as a social setting anyway. Avatar based chat systems have been tried before, with mixed success – they don’t allow people to be competative. I want this to fall half-way in between the two, and the first two games I plan to offer is Trajectory and whatever I do when I start on a TradeWars (BlackNova) knockoff. Should be good 🙂

I’ve also got all sorts of email waiting to be responded to. I haven’t finished responding to Pop’s last email yet – I’ve been that busy. Sheesh. Need to get this particular obsession finished with, and start on a new one 😉

The loan is ALMOST done with. We signed the papers, and off they went. Should see the cash in hand in about 5 days. This is a good thing.

Ok, just wanted to tell the world I was still alive 🙂 Gotta go – more stuff to get done yet before the day is over!



2002-09-11 08:36 am UTC (from (link)  Select

for checking in…in our paranoid state…(it is september)..we were beginning to worry ..just a bit…..

full speed ahead……warp 10 captain!!

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