Bloody EUREKA!

The Onager is ready for firing. Well, actually, I’ve got two more modification yet, and the Baron was inquiring about getting it to do less of a flat trajectory (which is what it would have now), so I may add a second block to the cross beam to arc the trajectory more (it’s fairly easy to remove, so I can do it either way 😉

Problem was – I was having conceptual issues with the firing mechanism and the loader. Well, I figured half of it out – without an auto-locking mechanism, the loader (basically, rope winding system that brings the arm down to the firing position) is outta the question – I’m going to be running this thing by myself at Education Day at Newman. So I can’t hold the loader still, and latch it. So I just grab the arm, and pull it back manually (which means it is NOT SCA regulation yet – still working on that. No problem if I have two people to use it, and in the SCA, it is mandatory to have three!) But that left the firing mechanism. I picked up three parts when I was at The Yard last time – basically a “Hmm… ok, that, that, and that would do the trick somehow…”

I went to bed about 11 PM, thinking about how to finish it off. I had worked on a piece of armor for a while, and the solution still escaped me. I needed a better way than I originally thought of. At midnight, it hit me. So I got up, and implemented the solution. Woohoo! Works ALMOST perfectly – the motion on the pull pin that releases the arm is pretty stiff – I’m afraid I’m gonna pull that sucker out and smack myself (or someone else!) with it! But I’ve already got a fix for that.

Don’t blink when it fires – I’ve only got 5 turns on the windings so far, and that SOB moves so fast you can’t hardly see it! I’m almost afriad of what the range on this one is gonna be!

The sling is in place, but, needs one extra cut for the upper sling portion. The firing arm also needs a quick trim at the bottom – I basically have to either trim it, or, make a very small hole. However, I was considering doing neither, and just putting it on wheels anyway – but, that makes it pretty hard to pull the firing pin without jerking the Onager off course. So I’ll trim it slightly. And then it’s ready for test firings!

Had to do something I hate today – go to SCA Populous by myself. I would be comfortable if I went all the time, but, instead I treated it like I do any social situation that I’m uncomfortable with – find a corner, and hole up in it until I can adjust. Normally, that doesn’t take long at all. Problem is, in the SCA I just kinda feel outta place at Populous. So I found a inconspicuous place to stand, and held up the wall for a while. Didn’t take long before The Baron and Baroness both stopped by to say Hi (needed to talk to the Baron anyway, since he’s the one that is handling setting up the space for the Onager, etc.) Of course, the popular question: “Where’s Heather?” All but three people I talked to asked that question. Kinda funny – she’s so much more aclimated to the SCA to start with, and every time I show up with her, she gets hit with 20 questions from half the people there it seems. Very interesting to be the tag along 😉

Anyway – I survived Populous, and came home and did dishes, etc. Tomarrow I’m gonna do the Caddy FINALLY unless it rains. UNLUCKLY, there’s a 60% chance of TStorms the last time I checked. :-/ If I can’t do that, I’m going to make a SERIOUS run on getting my armor at least half way done. If I don’t make it, that’s ok, but, I’d really like to. I figured out that even if I can’t afford the rest of the leather for the shoulders, I can complete the main torso, and still have VERY nice looking armor even without the arms finished. Do have to get one bottle of leather dye to finish it.

The other thing of interest – Heabo isn’t home yet. She’s still over at Jess’s workin’ on dresses (hey, that still rhymes 😉 We’ve seen less of each other than normal lately – kinda strange. But, we did get to have lunch together today, since I had to give her a ride to Jess’s (since the Caddy still doesn’t have a radiator!)

Ok, dat’s it – just had to share my success on the Onager. One major thing out of the way!


2002-04-18 06:48 am UTC (from (link)  Select

congratulations !!!! 

bloody stumps and missing body parts..but you are finished…!!

we are still limoing along here….our front door project begins in ernest on saturday….when you guys visit will see new doors through out and a new Pop…(hair is all gone)

life is change.

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One o’ these days Heabo is going to start counting fingers when I come in from the shop, just to make sure I haven’t seriously injured myself 😉

Cool – can’t wait to see ya’lls changes! (Well, ok – actually, I guess I will have to wait… )

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