Catapults and Trajectory…

Everything with Trajectory is going great. My current task is creating a reasonable UI. OK, I finally found something new I hate about Toruqe – the UI designer & UI elements. While it’s a HUGE step over what it could be, it still tends to have some major suckage about it, IMHO. Oh well – if that’s the second most major problem I face using Torque, I’m fine with that.
Of course, the first most major suckage with Torque is documentation. It really tends to be the most serious problem I face. I wasn’t ever a Tribes / T2 scripter to start with, so I don’t have tons of knowledge about the scripting side of things. But I muddle through – however, I’ve had to ask a couple o’ questions here on the Forums (and got great answers back. I love the community here!) Luckly there is a project goin’ on to help with that – I submitted one thing to Ron for inclusion, but, never got a response back so I haven’t written up anything else just yet. 
But working with Torque in general has been awsome. It’s pretty damned fast to go from idea to implementation – too bad content development tools in general seems to be what slows things up the most development time wise. I’m about a week and a half behind my schedule – I’m trying to shoot for an end-of-May release, but, it looks more like it will be a mid-June release if everything continues at the same pace. As soon as I get the UI finished, I’ll probably get around to sbmitting a snapshot for the gallery (I LOVE the missles in Trajectory – particle effects are just so useful!)
As it stands now, there are currently 18 ammo types for Trajectory, and I plan on pushing that to 30 before I finish things up.
As for the catapults reference. I mentioned in my last .plan update that I’d throw links to my newest cataput project. Well, it’s done, and fired 250+ shots at the last RenFaire.
The Pics are online here at MidnightRyder.Com
This is the reason why I’m a week and a half behind schedule on Trajectory. (Actually, this and performing a wedding. I’m also a Reverend. ) It was a blast though, and worth pushing game development back just a bit.
Ron Yacketta   (May 08, 2002 at 10:19)
I got your submission, have not had time to review it with my overwhelming busy schedule on Tuesday/Thursday evenings. I will definatly get to it this evening!
Thanks for the submission! I realy appreciate it and I am sure the community will as well when the TGE Scripting Document is released.
Edited on May 08, 2002 10:20
Jeff Tunnell   (May 08, 2002 at 16:29)
I don’t get your gripes with the Torque UI editor. There are not many game engines out there with any kind of UI editor, let alone a drag and drop type of system. Maybe a little more explanation of what the problems are rather than “major suckage”. 
Jeff Tunnell, GG

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