Workin’ on Trajectory of course. The UI is starting to come together, and one of the cool parts is a new feature I implemented. Since sometimes the distance between players is going to be fairly far, and it’s a very visual game, I decided to add something new. There’s a slider bar at the bottom, and you just pick your zoom factor. However, instead of it being very limited like Unreal Tournament, it’s zooms in REAL close. If animated characters had freckles, you could count ’em easily with this thing. I love it. Plus it’s self-ballancing. Normally games limit the FOV (frame of view) so you can’t zoom in too close for campers. Well, the entire game is based on knowing where your enemy is, and the fact that you can’t get away from them – if you spend too much time zoomed in trying to nail a friend, well, you won’t notice the where the other players have respawned at, and thus, you are dead meat 🙂

Trajectory is definitely far from being a ground breaking game technology wise, but all the sutble tweaks to gameplay are making things more and more interesting! Should be kind of cool to see how it actually plays with a ton o’ people when I host the first beta testing LAN party.


2002-05-08 02:13 pm UTC (from (link)  Select

I still wanna play. So Sogn me up for that lan party. Doesn’t look like i’m going to be doing much this summer anyway.

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2002-05-09 08:57 am UTC (from, via (link)  Select

No problem – I think. A friend of mine bought a house which has a second small house out back used only for gaming – I was considering having it over there. If that happens, well, you probably won’t be able to join remotely because I’ll lack any sort of Internet connectivity :-/ Of course you would be more than welcome to come down and spend the weekend to join the game either way!

I’ve also considered doing it at the office after hours – lots of desks and chairs, tons of space, dedicated Internet connectivity (one minor bitch is what happens for people who want to have a LAN game WITHOUT Internet connectivity? Currently, I don’t see an option, but I’m workin’ on it…) bathrooms, etc. It would be a pretty sweet setup. I’d have to talk to the bosses, of course, but that shouldn’t be a problem at all (It’s good to be Admin 😉 If I do that, you can definitely join remotely (or in person)!

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2002-05-09 09:02 am UTC (from (link)  Select

I’ll probably show in person. I need to at least acnowlege my father down there and Everybody knows how that works.

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2002-05-09 09:15 am UTC (from, via (link)  Select

Ok. I’m thinking about having this next weekend (Sat. May 18th) at the moment. My ideal plan would be to start it early in the day (like noon) because I’m SURE that from time to time I’m going to end up stopping the game, making a tweak or two, and then putting it back online. By 7 PM, I’d like to have most of the tweaking part done, and the real ‘serious’ gameplay started – basically letting the game server run non-stop while I get as many people as possible into the game at once. The engine, without modification, supports upto 128 players. I think I can probably get 20 or so people to show up with machines by 8 PM. The actual max number of players I could support here on the local network would be something like 40, and 58 if I walk around an knock every machine except the servers off the network (then I’d have some SERIOUS space issues about that time.)

Do ya think you could make it the 18th? You’d be more than welcome to head down the night before and rest up before the LAN party. We’ll probably do a massive pizza delivery for supper, where everyone chips in.

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2002-05-09 12:41 pm UTC (from (link)  Select

god! could you make that any more impossible? What about if you try real hard? 😛 No way I hell Can I make it during may. I still gotta work then. sorry.

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