Day 28 of 365: That Thing That Broke, Let’s Quit Again!, Fancy Output

That Thing That Broke

Ahhh, the joys of trying to keep things running properly on here.  A couple of days ago, it was the auto-publish feature failing to publish to Facebook (and, it was posting some gibberish anyways – it would post the markup on Linked-In and Google+ if I used auto-publish and the social network features.)

Today, it’s the Visual Editor I use for the site.  It went kaput for no apparent reason – no updates, no nothing, it just disappeared.  And, since it was throwing up some Javascript errors now, it was also preventing other things from working right.  I’m at a loss as to why it died – nothing malicious showing up in the logs, nothing showing up on the malware scanner (on the site – all the sites I host have a number of layers of security, including their own malware scanner.  If you run WordPress, it’s something you should look into.)  And, if I deactivate it and remove it, I have to go back and edit one small bit of all the previous articles.  Extra work I’d have to do.

On the other hand, ditching it slims down the site even more, provides one less thing that has to be loaded, and potentially removes another thing that can go wrong.  And, even though it was sort of useful, I was only really using two functions of it: a per-post template that I could just fill out to create a new post, and a neat formatter that lets me add divisions to the article sections.

So, heck with it – it’s gone.  Maybe that will fix some of the auto-publishing problems while I’m at it 🙂

Let’s Quit Again!

While it probably didn’t actually manage to get posted to Facebook during the auto-publish problem, I started smoking again.  Quite intentionally, too – you can read my complaints about the whole eCig thing potentially affecting my blood-pressure.  So, this week I’ve been gearing up, and I think tomorrow I’ll start again:  it’s time to quit.  This time, though, I don’t get the benefit of an eCig, which means I’ve already spent a week modifying the behavioral portion of the problem, and a good chunk of the chemical portions of smoking (nicotine isn’t the only addictive substance in there), now I’ve got to deal with the last of the evil, the nicotine it’s self.

Well, this should be fun.

Even though it was totally unintentional, that two-stage approach to quitting may work in my favor.  I guess we’ll find out soon enough 🙂

 Fancy Output

I like pretty numbers and graphs.  It’s a combination of the geek and the business guy in me.  And, well, I like to find cool ways to use those in my goals – I have a nice (though needs updated) setup on the front page of the site, and decided to add it to my daily postings.  Why?  Because I can.

Today’s Stats

  • [skill_bar heading=”Workouts: 0 Points” percent=”0%”]
  • [skill_bar heading=”Smoking: 10 Points (smoked 10)” percent=”50%”]
  • [skill_bar heading=”Healthy Eating: 3 Points” percent=”42%”]

Projects Worked on:

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