Day 30 of 365: Jackhammering A Floor, A Good Place To Be

Jackhammering A Floor

Tomorrow I get to run a jackhammer for a while.  Now, this isn’t completely unheard of – from time to time I go help The Plumber break out a floor, do whatever needs to be done, and we pour new concrete.  We’ve actually got it down to a bit of a science – laying a new floor, for instance, we each have specific roles we take during the process every time.  It works out nice, and so, from time to time, I get a call “Hey, I’m going to go break up a floor.  Wanna help?”

And, of course, I say yes.  I love running a jackhammer.  It’s just a thing.

But, this time is a little different – this time it’s at my own house.  We’ve got a leak in the laundry room, caused by an old floor drain.  So, I get to use it in my own place, and, put down a fresh new bit of floor.  And sign my name in the concrete 😉  I’ll be sure to grab a couple of pictures of the event 😉

A Good Place To Be

Part of what I’m doing this week involves trying to finish off an iOS / Android app beta, while at the same time finishing off a file services system, and trying to get a UI mockup done for another project.  And, of course, there’s always the pending Jumpman Forever beta.  Oh, and throw in trying to relaunch two magazines.

That’s a lot of stuff to have to deal with.  But, that’s a good place to be.  I’ve got people standing by for when I start shuffling work out of my hands and into the hands of contractors (bonus points, because it’s people who could use a little help financially.)  That’s a very good place to be.

The project I did the UI mockup for is a weather app for a company here in Kansas (Kansas:  Home of WTF!? Weather.)  I’m doing the mockup, but, I have doubts that I’ll end up getting the project.  I just really think I’m going to be too expensive.

See, that’s the place I’ve always wanted to be:  have enough work that I don’t feel like I have to cut down my prices, because if I don’t get the job I might not have enough money for bills.  I have to keep the current gigs rolling down the road to keep my pay cycles going, but, I’m not desperate.  I’m going to quote this project for fully what I think it’s going to take at my standard billing rates.  And if I don’t get it?  Life goes on.

Now, that’s not to say there aren’t any concerns at all.  I have contractors I WANT to give money to, because they need it.  I’d like to make that happen – I’d like to use my connections, and my abilities to help others have it a little better off.  Meeting my financial goals for 2014 does mean I’m set in a good place, but, a good chunk of that plan also sets me in a place where I can do good.  And, so far, I really looks like things are headed that way.  🙂


Today’s Stats

  • [skill_bar heading=”Workouts: 0 Points” percent=”0%”]
  • [skill_bar heading=”Smoking: 0 Points ” percent=”0%”]
  • [skill_bar heading=”Healthy Eating: 1 Points” percent=”42%”]

Projects Worked on:

  • Jumpman Forever
  • Unnamed Weather App Marketing Material
  • Unnamed iOS / Android app (that is going to soon HAVE to have a name.  I think it’s going to be called AnDimension.  That should work.  There, it’s done and named, until I look at this in the morning and realize I’m insane. 😉

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