Day 36: The Words I Just Can’t Form, Muse (returns!)

Words I Just Can’t Form

I know what I want to write about today.  For some reason, though, I just can’t manage to get them to form in a coherent fashion.  What I want to write about is charity and contributing to the community.

Now, there’s a specific reason I want to write about it – a friend is setting up a Facebook group to do charitable deeds.  I think this is AWESOME!  But, I’m not joining in.

See, I already have a mission.  I have specific reasons why I’ve set my financial goals for 2014 as high as I have, and it’s not for me to make good money: it’s to give back.  But, somehow, I just can’t get the whole thing to come forth from my fingertips in a way that’s understandable. Well, there’s always another day. 🙂

Muse (Returns!)

So, I’ve got this novel laying around – Muse – and two partial sequels to it.  Problem is, it’s pretty out there, concept wise.  I’ve thought about just self publishing it.  I’ve thought about publishing it on here as a weekly serial.  And, I’ve thought about going down the traditional publishing route.

Problem is, this is too far from the norms for most traditional ways of dealing with it.  It’s almost it’s own niche.  Which, well, is kind of cool when you think about it – writing an entire novel that’s almost impossible to pigeon hole into an existing category!  But, it’s frustrating, and it just sits here on my harddrive, doing nothing.

Talking with Mark Arganbright, he accidentally stumbled on to what may be the fate of Muse.  Mark said that Residential Aliens Magazine needed a “serial” story of some sort – something to keep people coming back every month for more.  Suddenly, it hit me – Muse is a perfectly good piece of speculative fiction with spirituality interwoven into it.  I’ve pretty much made up my mind now:  Muse will see monthly publication in Residential Aliens Magazine.  Once it’s run in the magazine is done (about 16 months if we print 5,000 words, plus or minus a few each month), then Midnight Ryder Technologies will assume publication of the story, and I’ll move into publishing the sequels the same way.

This is awesome. 🙂


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