Day 40: Prepped For Workouts

Prepped For Workouts

I started struggling with the whole smoking thing, and other things I wanted to focus on for this year – particularly towards the beginning of the year – sort of went by the wayside.  The two goals in particular that have suffered was working out and eating healthy.

The eating healthy portion isn’t going bad, just not as well as I’d like.  There’s too many days where I have an unhealthy snack, and too many days where I run out and have a burger for lunch.  It’s not horribly bad, but, bad enough that I’m not loosing any weight – in fact, I’ve gained a little, I think.

But, the workouts are the one that’s really killing me.  At the beginning of the year I had planned on just doing body-weight workouts (pushups, chinups, etc.), and somehow I really just can’t get motivated by that.  It just doesn’t feel right.  I keep being drawn back to the idea that what I really need to do is pick up a real Olympic weight set, and start in with that.  I also think I’m mixing too much “stuff” into my office area – the body weight workout stuff was going to be done in here for convenience, but, it’s just another thing that sort of fills up the areas, and clutters what it’s true purpose is (work.)

However, lacking the funds for that, I still have the Bowflex, and the modifications I’ve done to increase the amount of weight for it using my old concrete weights.  So, I spent part of Saturday cleaning up the garage, and getting ready for tomorrow morning.  One of my major complaints – besides the copious amounts of junk that had built up around the Bowflex’s area – was the really bad lighting setup.  I managed to get that changed with the addition of another set of fluorescent lights.

I’m looking forward to tomorrow morning – I’m tired of having that extra in front of me.

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