Day 45: Catching Up

Catching Up:

So, I took two days to write a single blog post, and get it online. Now, you might think I broke my plan to write one blog post per day, every day, for 365 days because of that. I didn’t – I wrote three more blog posts in the same time frame, one of them on Evolution, one of them on fitness trackers, and one of them a “hey, I’m back to quitting” post.

If you’ve read yesterday’s long post (And So Begins The Revolution…), then you know that was one of those sort of things that required much deliberation before declaring it done and publishing it.

The Evolution -vs- Creation post, spurred by yet another attempt by the Kansas Legislature to intervene over what is taught in schools by eliminating the core requirements for math, reading, science, and yes, evolution as taught in science, won’t go live for a couple of days.  Why?  Well, I’m going to give an explanation of why Evolution could be viewed as supported by the Bible.  But, I won’t post it until after I finish the Creation -vs- Evolution post that goes the other direction: I’m going to explain who Creationism is supported by a scientific theory that’s been being kicked around since the 1980’s.  (Which should raise some eyebrows for certain friends – despite being a Believer, I’m very science minded.  But, trust me, this is going to be a fun explanation. 🙂 )  There’s also a stub about Religious cheerleaders that will be fun – honestly, I’ll probably do all of this opposite of the order I write them.  The cheerleaders one will get published before the Evolution and Creationism posts, for instance.

I’ll catch up on publishing the posts over the next week, buy double posting from time to time.  Minor blog posts, like this one, will probably just get posted at night or in the morning, while ones that have a major religious or social point behind them will get posted during social media prime-times.

For the moment, though, you get this:  I haven’t smoked all day, and life has been pretty grand during that time.  Kat’s birthday was today, so I gave her a fun little gift.  We had brunch with her mom, dad, and two brothers.  Then, came home, did dishes (I hate when I don’t get to the dishes before sundown on Friday: that means it’s Saturday night or Sunday morning before I can do them again), changed the oil in the truck, cleaned the throttle body, took Kat out to supper for just myself and her, and watched TV.

Only a couple of times did the idea of smoking even come up.  One of them was being around someone I know who lit up (after asking me if it was OK), and I asked to take a drag. “You hate my cigarettes.”  “Yep, that’s the idea.”  But, in general, it’s really been pretty laid back over all.  I didn’t get a chance to work out, but, doing the truck stuff was good enough activity to count as a workout replacement 🙂

Tomorrow, back to learning how to say “bigger things” that I feel are important on here 🙂

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