Day 47: I Am Broken…

I Am Broken…

I paused my workouts for a short bit because my back started hurting. Let’s face it, no need to aggravate a problem, right?  I also have been making sure to sit upright in my office chair, with my back pressed against the back, so that I am in proper posture.

Unfortunately, this isn’t having much effect.  In fact, when I wake up in the morning, it feels like I’m in even worse shape.  Then, this morning, my rib felt “out of place”, for lack of a better term, plus the backache and hip hurting.  Yeah, so, working out is postponed until I have the money to get into the chiropractor.  *SIGH*

One odd thing – riding the bike didn’t hurt.  Apparently being propped up slightly with my hands took enough stress off my back for a little bit it helped. Alas, it only helped for a while.  So, I might go bike riding as many days as I can until I see the chiropractor, just so I get some sort of workout in.

I’m irritated at this because I was feeling pretty good about getting on track with workouts.  🙁

But, I am getting something done.  I’m continuing to move Jumpman Forever closer to it’s beta.  I did nix one level for now, and design a replacement level for it – it original level was sort of “glitchy”.  So, two more to go, then clean up the interface and some sound stuff, then release it 🙂


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