Day 7

[plotovertime field1=”Weight” field2=”Heart Rate” field3=”Resting Heart Rate”  field4=”Workout Length” width=”700″ height=”400″ type=”LineChart”  maxdays=”30″ options=”‘pointSize’: 6″]

This was a “sort of fail” day.  I was going to go for my first run (you’ll notice this entry has a different entry format – “upper body” days show various bits about the upper body, “lower body” days show only data about things like workout length, heart rates, distance (if it’s a run), etc. – fun bit I can do with my plugin 🙂  However, my 1 PM meeting ran until 5  PM – and being it’s winter, I was running out of daylight by the time I headed home :-/  Decided to do some “light cario” (IE, play rockband, Pro Drums, on Expert), but the upstairs neighbor complained about noise (how, I’m not sure – I’m actually pretty quiet at this point, and I’ve sound damped the entire setup!)

SO, have to find something new for the cario portion of my exercises (I have an idea what’s next), and I’ll have to take runs on the “lower body” days for the cardio.  Unfortunately, there’s not much in the way of quiet exercises for lower body – that’s all pretty loud stuff!

But I did get 45 minutes in before someone complained.  Same jerks who vacuum at midnight quite frequently.  (As you can imagine – my entire RockBand drumkit is now put away… but there WILL be calls to the manager every time they vacuum past 10 PM, or make loud noise past 10 PM.)

OH, and never take your resting heart rate when you’re completely ticked off 🙂

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