Flawless Victory!

Ok, well, maybe it didn’t go THAT well 😉 However, it did go very well. I set it up, and fired the ice bullets for the first time – yep, they work awsome!

The Onager it’s self has a great firing angle – almost a perfect 45 arc, giving great height to distance ratio. That’s good, because I’m actually firing a fairly short distance! Almost everything about it’s firing is perfect.

But, there’s a couple remaining bugs. I really, really need better wheels on it, and, I need to find a way to stake it down. And, the sling and firing pin use a natural rope. Both have busted once already – gonna have to replace those with nylon ropes.

I’m also gonna need a couple o’ pieces from the hardware store – just a couple o’ tweaks to fix things up a bit more. No biggie, and all cheap stuff.

Ammo, however, may be more of an issue than I thought. I went through what I had packed FAST, and there’s not that much more left in the freezer. Gonna have to figure out a quick solution to this problem!

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