Fools erand…

Left the office at 1 PM to go look at someone’s phone system. They have lost thier phone system like 6 times now – each time during a lighting storm (and of course, it’s now starting that season again….)

I blew two hours doing almost nothing. I know they took me because it’s phone related, but, sheesh – it had very little to do with me. I know a little about lightning strikes – I’ve lost some equiptment before here at the offices, and researched the problem a little. However, this was WAY out of my league. Upside is, I did learn a little more about dealing with lightning -vs- grounding on low voltage equiptment. Some of it is obvious – RIGHT AFTER someone tells you it! πŸ˜‰

BUT – it looks like there’s at least one thing gonna go right. It’s not raining yet, and should do anything like rain until 6 or 7 tonight. Good – as long as my father doesn’t keep me trapped on ICQ for too long with support questions (he’s in China still) I can FINALLY get the Caddy running again πŸ™‚ Good good good – this is a job that’s really starting to annoy the piss outta me. On days where it’s been fine, I’ve been doing other things (intentional or not), and on days I have nothing to do, it rains. Ain’t that the way it always works?

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