Frozen Wasteland

I’m on my way home from Kenosha, wi. Too bad I’m at a complete stop about 120 miles from Kansas city. Everything is a sheet of ice, and someone had a pretty serious spill aparently – emergency crews are just now getting here – I’ve been setting here for about 30 minutes. Man its probably gonna be the longest return trip yet, given that the road has to be cleared, and I figure this is probably the first of many stops like this as I get nearer to Kansas city.

Oh well, take it slow and steady and I’ll make it home with only grumbles about the trip 🙂

8 thoughts on “Frozen Wasteland”

  1. still here… I'd turn around and find another route, but theres not a chance in hell this Pontiac g6 would make it past the median. Thankfully I've got my iPhone (and signal) so I'm not completely bored. Ive now been here an hour and a half so far. Whats kidna weird is about every 15 minutes they add another fire engine or rescue truck to the situation (i cant see whats going on, just see them driving past towarda the front of the line. Semi's on the other side of I-35 are moving at (guessing) about 10 mph, so something has got to be seriously fucked up!

  2. LOL – ok this is not a good sign… The salt truck just went past the other direction, blade down and plowing, sending gobs of stuff off the side of the road. There hasnt been a single snow flake – the ice on the road is that freakin' thick!!!

  3. It took me 18 1/2 hours to drive from Kenosha, WI to Derby, KS. Two and a half was waiting for that wreck to clear – turns out it was two semi's (one of them a tanker truck!), and three pickup trucks that took a major spill. Both semi's were overturned.

    The next three hours after that were 20 MPH behind a semi. Oh god what a long day (specially since it actually started at 8 AM the previous day!)

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