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Ahh… day 4 of the workout routine. My shoulders have been hurting pretty bad since Monday morning. In particular, it starts at my elbow, up the back of the arm, across the shoulders, and back down the other arm. Other parts hurt, but, that’s the most major one. So last night I tried out Heabo’s Cytovol, which you take before bed and after your workout. Well, that seems to do the trick – my shoulders are no longer stiff and painful, and todays workout I was back to almost 100% speed with attacks (Monday was full speed, Tues was slower, Wed. was SLOW MOTION because of how stiff and sore I was.) Ok, Cytovol is now added to my list of suplements.

The workout routine isn’t really going that hot – because of stiffness, I hadn’t been working out as hard as I probably should. But I am remembering to strech before getting started – hopefully next week my leg muscles will be loose enough to start trying to throw kicks in there again (I damned near killed myself throwing a 6 foot side kick – my hips and legs HIGHLY objected to what I attempted to do!) Today I cut my workout a bit short because I shocked my left wrist while throwing a hook against the bag – missjudged the distance just slightly, and that’s all it takes.

Oh, and I managed to park the heavy bag on my foot at one point. I hadn’t really looked too closely, but, the heavy bag is on a hill, and I stand downhill from it while attacking – it’s been sliding slowly but surely. I was taking a wide stance (one of the kick-boxing stances where you have your foot almost under your opponent) and just doing upper body, and the heavy bag slid down the hill slightly onto my foot – Cool, my opponent DOES attack back! 😉 That confused me for a moment, and I walked around the bag – it’s moved about three feet since I initally started working out with it. HM – need to fix that tonight before I go to bed.

It is a success though, in what it’s doing to my muscle structure. Nice little bulges forming all over my arms (though I still have of a thin layer of fat on my arms that you can’t really tell much until I flex my muscles and work them.) After next week – well, throwing in weight training will make a huge difference quickly.

Tonight, Jess, Dave, Heabo, and myself will set down and start looking at the wedding company more closely. Too me, it looks like a great idea on paper, and the cool part is that Heabo and Jess aren’t working at the moemtn – I now have people to do the nessiary market research to figure out where we should put our hands into the market. I’ve already got some ideas there – unluckly, I think our fees will be a bit lower than I need to quit my day job. I’m guessing it’s going to be $25/hour for all services – that makes everyone’s takehome would be around $12.50 after taxes and overhead. My takehome is a little over $20/hour. I’ll figure out something, but, I just can’t merit $40/hour – the idea is to SAVE people money.

But I am really looking forward to setting down, and starting to get things hammered out between us all. This is going to be a fun adventure.

The Enterprise season finale was last night – they left it with a cliff-hanger I really liked. With Enterprise, Buffy, and Smallville out of the way (Ok, well, I’ll watch the tape of the Finale next week) I’ve got almost no reason to watch TV now. Not that I had much before – but it also means I don’t loose one day a week to a social engagement . More time is good.

Polish work is being done on Trajectory. I’ve got a couple of strange issues I’m tryin’ to figure out at the moment – like what to do about inventory (there’s 26 weapons. That’s a lot to deal with on screen.) I’m even further behind schedule than expected – I still haven’t gotten levels and models done yet. However, I’ve also got more and more impressive effects to work with now – I’ve been combing the GG site for interesting tibits, and find quite a bit of cool stuff. I still haven’t perfected the GUI yet, and I still haven’t perfect my explosions. And I keep adding features to the server-side of things.

Right now the game has four ‘game styles’ that I’m working on. I took a very different approach to weapons – since you can’t move, you obviously can’t pick up new ammo. So the server awards ammo. Type 0 is random – from time to time, it randomly awards ammo. Type 1 ‘grows’ ammo – at a set time, the server takes what you have, and doubles it, then adds 1 more to the next most powerful weapon. Type 2 always starts you with a set amount of ammo -when it’s gone, it’s gone (and you are screwed.) Type 3 is the ‘ammo trade’ – if someone shoots you, you are awarded TWO new pieces of ammo (randomly) to fire back. Puts an emphasis on killing your opponent as quickly as possible – or else, you end up with the other guy havin’ more ammo to work with!

It also solves the problems of weapon preference. I’m a railgun and sniper rifle whore. Any instant hit instant kill weapon I’m pretty much a master at it, so I concentrate on using them. Problem is that I’m deadly accurate with such weapons – to the point of unbalancing things a lot of times. I have to NOT use the weapon for a while so that other people get a chance to have a good time. The weapon balance system helps that.

However, I’m considering two more modes, which would restore the ability to unbalance the game. One is a point based system – every (x) seconds you get (y) points. Each point can be spent on a piece of ammo – any piece. The more powerful the weapon, the more it costs, and the longer you have to wait to get it. The second mode is very similar.

Hey Erik – if ya happen to be readin’ this, if ya got any ideas for more game modes, holler (same goes for anyone else who’s readin’;-)

Ok, back to work!


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