Hebrew Studies

Various links to stuff I use for studying biblical, mid, and ancient Hebrew language.  Overall it’s actually fun to study this stuff – but I’m a geek who originally wanted an archaeology degree, so my idea of “fun” can be a bit skewed at times.  Also – this doesn’t cover everything I use by any means – just the websites.  My iPad and iPhone are also part of my study guides, and then there’s my hand-written codex book and Torah transcription project (that I’ll probably bother to take pictures of someday, just for the heck of it.)


An interesting site that focuses back further in the Hebrew language, back towards it’s origins.  I don’t consider this to be a definitive source, really, as quite a few of the various bits and pieces I’ve seen on other sites end up with differetn (and non-matching toe each other) versions of ancient Hebrew characters, but I consider it to be one of the better at the moment (until I find something even better, or, find evidence that their work is less accurate than other places.)


Some nice tools for bible study including Strong’s Concordinance, but, sheesh, the bug you to death for subscription stuff.


Great site for working with Biblical Hebrew, including a lot of the blessings, praises, and prayers.  Includes English, Transliteration, Biblical Hebrew, and often also audio files to help perfect your pronunciation.


Mainly useful for the one-page Hebrew guide.


Nice online copy of the Torah with Hebrew, English (semi-sorta direct translation, not modernized really), Transliteration, and more modern English


Lots of… well, randomly laid out, poorly designed, hard to read information.  However, it also has a nice copy of the current Parashah for the week, with Hebrew, Transliteration, and English.

(OK, why have so many copies, including ones on my iPad?  I tend to cross reference multiple sources to see if I can find the greatest accuracy.)


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