Heheheh – I love my iPhone!

But I don’t LOVE my iPhone. Just so we’ve covered that.

I’m watching Tammy’s house while she’s outta town for two days. No Internet access here (gorgeous house, and no ‘Net access or CableTV. Some people have different priorities I suppose – plus she has an iPhone so most things she needs can be done on there.)

So after a little searching around, I figured out how to teather the iPhone to my Mac – pretty sweet, if I need ‘Net access for my Mac Mini, I can do it pretty much anywhere I go now 🙂

The best part – 20 minutes of work, I’ve got it up and running. Hit a couple of sites, check Multiply… and now I don’t have the foggyest notion why I needed Internet access for my Mac so badly. *SIGH* Yeah, I’m blonde.

4 thoughts on “Heheheh – I love my iPhone!”

  1. I have a hard enough time without email access just for personal stuff. Add in hosting a couple of websites and the primary contact for most of my business being email also, and suddenly yeah, it's pretty important to me 🙂

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