Hey now, your a rock star, get the show on…

Somebody once told me
The world is gonna’ roll me,
I ain’t the sharpest tool in the shed.
She was lookin’ kinda dumb with her
finger and thumb in the shape of an ‘L’ on her forehead.

Hey now, your an all star, get your game on, go play
Hey now, your a rock star, get the show on, get paid
All the glitters is gold –
Only shooting stars break the mold.

I love that song, for multiple reasons. One, he thumbs his nose at anyone that ever did the “You’ll never make it” sort of thing to them. The second reason it just a really wonderful positive energy on it – it always make me wanna grove on some serious work. Go fig.

I’m in one hell of a Rock & Roll mood right now (grovin’ to Everclear’s AM Radio at the moment – my favorite part being the very begining: “The VCR and the DVD, there was none a’ that crap back in 1970. We didn’t know about a world wide web, it was a whole different game bein’ played when I was a kid.” Not COMPELTELY accurate for me, of course – I had video games when I was a kid, but, technology wasn’t nearly a pervasive. And I can definitely identify with havin’ to listen to the radio to wait for your favorite song 🙂 (BTW: That was a longer aside than I planned on – might as well expect to see lyrics randomly sprinkled in this post 😉 We just got done with Night of the Living Zoo. While a PITA to get ready for, there’s nothin’ like scarin’ the heck outta kids to make yourself feel pretty good 😉

I’ll admit that I’m vain. And I’ve got an Ego (capitol E there ;-). So throwin’ some cool ass Darth Maul makeup on me (Heabo played Darth Maul for two nights, then we switched tonight, and she did the makeup work on me) feeds both my Vanity and my Ego. Of course, those go hand in hand. I’m actually kinda odd about this sort of stuff – normally, I don’t really want people to notice me TOO much. But if I’ve put myself in a position where I’m going to be noticed, by gods I’m gonna ham it up. In those cases, I bloody well will be noticed, if I gotta smack someone upside the head for it 😉 Just one o’ those quirks.

(As yet another aside, sometimes I’m confused by my own vanity. Most of the time I walk around with wild uncontrolable hair, generally lookin’ fairly sloppy. And… I like it that way for the most part. How I can be both a slovenly lookin’ person and vain at the same time is a wierd conundrum.)

The highlight – tryin’ to scare some kid who was in a Spider Man suit. Come up to him, he turns, and without missing a beat, SHOOTS ME WITH THE WEB SPINNERS! Seriously – he had silly-string based webshooters. I friggin’ died laughing – it was TOTALLY unexpected! We had to stage it again, and get pictures of it, it was that funny!

Anyway, had a lot of fun, and Heabo and I are already plannin’ the next outfit for Night of the Living Zoo. Almost everyone seems to want to do Marvel Super Heroes (actually, looks like it’s gonna be Super Heroes in general – which is fine with me. Cooler than doing just a single ‘universe’ of heroes.) Well, in that case, someone needs to represent the bad guys – and Nick gave me the perfect suggestion. Sabertooth. Big nasty guy, and if I’m going to do it, I’ll do it movie-style. Black contacts (which I’ll probably use from time to time just to freak people out), upper and lower fangs (ditto), extra facial hair, hair on the back of the hands, and ferral nails. And if I can keep gaining some muscular bulk, I can look the part perfectly (except for height – not much I can do there.) Heck, if I can get a couple o’ people to train for it way ahead of time, could even get a good fight or two set up for showin’ off. Would be a lot of fun 🙂

Now it’s time for the next batch of nerves, and next Ego feed. Indie Games Con 2002. Heabo and I have tickets, rental car, hotel room, etc. We’re set on that front. The games aren’t nearly as far along as I’d like them ta’ be, but that’s OK. I can show it off a little, but, I don’t consider ’em ready to be the focus of the LAN party – just not tested well enough yet for that. However, we’ll apparently have a poster with the Trajectory Zone logo on it (I’ll have to talk Jay Moore outta that at the end of the con 😉 and be making a presence at the con. And of course, there’s the speach.

This is going to be a BLAST. I’m nervous about it – a lot of strange people I don’t know will be there, without much social support for me (Heabo probably won’t spend A LOT of time there, since it’s a pretty geeky deal 😉 But at the same time, I’m excited as hell – since I’m one of the speakers, that puts me in a ‘special’ group, and the center of attention.

I’m going to see about taking a good portion of this week off to try and finish the games to the point where I’m ready to show ’em off. We’ll see how that goes – it’s actually a semi-busy time at the moment. Tomarrow I’ll be in Fredonia (*GROWL*) so I’ll blow that day entirely. Then I’ve got to finish my part of the Tulsa bid. And I’ve got an accounting system upgrade that’s driving me nuts – it refuses to upgrade!

Ya know, I’ve discovered something – I think I like getting older. May sound odd, but, it’s interesting to see the world evolve around you, and watch yourself evolve, physically, mentally, and spiritually. I’ve got those ‘laugh lines’ around my eyes, and I bloody well don’t mind anymore 🙂 I like ’em – I can actually feel when they are starting to show when I smile – sound odd, but, it’s cool.

Ok, ’nuff of my yammerin’ – I’ve work to do, of course!



2002-10-28 12:22 pm UTC (from (link)  Select

I did the same thing friday, 🙂 We had a haunted house at the college. I scared a LOT of kids. Got stepped on a bit though. for a while, I was a dead body on the ground that people just ignored in the dark room, until it got up next to them, 🙂


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wrinkles and laugh lines…..:) 


2002-10-31 09:38 am UTC (from (link)  Select

so as kid I heard that each time you get a memory ,your brain gains a wrinkle……

and Einstein had a really wrinkling brain…..


does it work that way with your body?? each experince registers as a wrinkle?? or line??

all those wrinkles and laugh lines on my body I worked hard for.!!!……and I am very proud of….would not trade them in for the world…!! all my baby stretch marks…and I have inhertited my Dad’s furrows in his forhead….

I have noticed my laugh lines are there all the time now…cool

getting older is a blast….( as long as you have your health)…

as pop as just told me again today…..he is a type a guy in a type b body…..and it can suck when you have alot of stuff you want to do ..but your body just won’t go anymore…..

so enjoy !!! those lines and laughes that go with them!!! and take care of yourself……

and have a blast at the convention thingy!! you deserve the break and the attention!!!

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