Hi everyone!

OK, two things to know:

1)  I have more than one blog for personal stuff (I also use a business blog or two to drive site traffic to the business stuff).  If you run across my profile on MySpace… it’s the same damned stuff.  I just cut & paste ’em ;-)  (OK, the MySpace account has A LOT of blog entries on it.  I’ve probably written two novel’s worth of entries by now.)

2)  You are reading my blog entries.  I am so sorry.  I’m long winded.  And tell lots of stories on here.  And I type faster than some people can read it seems, so… yeah, you brought this on yourselves ;-)  Feel free to ignore part of my posts – there’s no quiz afterwards ;-)  (OK, Nick and Heather didn’t specifically request this particular pain of wading through my posts, but, they were on here so I added ’em too 😉

Was great to see you all again!


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