Highland Games Training Week 2 of 15 done… 2

Highland Games Training Week 2 of 15 done…

Well, another week went by, and I didn’t die or injure myself.  So, I’m going to consider it a win from that standpoint 😉

I was going to take a week off from the 7-Minute morning workout, which is basically a HIIT – High Intensity Interval Training – workout, but a bit more focused.  After having a drink with a friend (typically, Deborah and I go have Margaritas on Monday, but she’s avoiding the salts and carbs, and well, I don’t necessarily need a margarita, I go for the good company), I decided that I was going to do a 10-day HIIT running program, just to see how it went.

I”ve mentioned before I suck at running.  I’m OK with sprinting, but running and jogging tears up my knees (because I run poorly, and impact my heels too much, and overextend my legs)  This particular HIIT run is 20 seconds of running flat-out, don’t miss a bit of energy, then 10 second of walking.  Repeat for 4 minutes.  So far, I’ve made it two minutes.  I really need to quit smoking.

Attached to this post are the Week 2 results pictures (and some Week 1 results, for reference)  The new pictures are taken much better (didn’t use the webcam, which means better lighting and higher-resolution.  Yep, now you can see my fat in all it’s glory! 😉

Points of interest (depending on how interested you really are – if you’ve gotten this far, I’ll assume you’re interested, or at least looking to poke fun at the pasty white skin 😉  If you look at the side view of me from the end of week 1 and week 2, I’ve lost some gut.  In fact, I’ve lost a little more than the picture shows.  In week 1, I was standing upright.  Week 2’s pics, I was dead friggin’ tired after my workout, and I’m hunched over a bit – which means, despite good posture in one, and bad posture in the other, I really have lost some gut.  Not bad (while loosing the gut isn’t really the goal, it’s a nice side-effect!)

Not super-impressive gains (and losses), but it’s gradual progress.  The point isn’t to transform over night – that doesn’t really happen – but to continuously see gains for the next 13 weeks.  (And, while it’s a 15 week training plan to get to the Highland Games, I really have less than 14 weeks:  3-4 days from the games, all workouts come to a stop, so that I’m fully recovered from whatever cruelty I perform to myself, and I’m at full strength for the event.)

I’m also making “backup plans” just in case I hurt my back or something.  While working out, I try and get a good feel for what muscles are working, and try and figure out how I could continue doing that sitting down, etc.  Hopefully, I don’t have to use any of those plans.


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