It’s Professional, Part II

“I’m not a violent man, but I may have to kill someone.”
— Patrick Stewart, Masterminds

OK, it’s been a while since I’ve updated my journal. Sheesh – I need ta’ get back ta’ doing this.

The quote above is very relevant. Ya see, someone tried to fuck me out of some of my money. I turned in my timesheet, and put 5 days (instead of 4) on my timesheet, and overtime for the work that I’m going to be doing at Tama, IA starting tomarrow morning (we’ll be working 10 hour days, minimum). However, suddenly this causes a major hubub – Galen (one of the VP’s) comes over and tells da’ boss that I can’t do that, AND that I can’t have my overtime. WHAT?! My father spent 15 minutes tryin’ to calm me down as I screamed, ranted, raved, and yelled at him, COMPLETELY PISSED OFF. That was the final straw.

Now, there’s some things goin’ on at Creek that haven’t been mentioned to the rest of the world yet – shares have traded hands, etc. I know who’s pretty much really in charge of the company now. The person who caused this ISN’T the one in charge 😉 Da’ boss goes over, and has a little conversation with the person that now holds the most control of the company. Guess what? He had nothing to do with it, and got a little hot under the collar over the whole deal too – HE thought it was bullshit.

So, I’m seriously thinkin’ the days of 4 days a week may become somewhat more ‘optional’ in the near future – if we’ve got unstopable work going on, then we’ll not have to work 4 days a week. However, I fully intend to collect on the 4 days off that I’ve NOT taken (but put on my paycheck) because of this. After Tama, IA is done (and probably a *HUGE* panel that Lance is working on – he’s going with me, so, his project may fall behind a bit. I really doubt it, but, I’ll be workin’ with him to make sure it’s done on time, just in case.) I’m taking my week off, with pay.

But now I know where it’s all commin’ from – I’ve got a definied enemy 😉

My little sis was here today during my father’s discussion with Perry about my pay. So, I got to watch her for a bit – she’s FINALLY acting like she’s getting acclimated to me. Finally 🙂

BadMotherFucker is having to be striped to bare metal software wise, and bein’ reinstalled. Something destabalized it so bad that development work was almost outta the question. It’s setting beside me here at work, re-installing now. With the re-install, it’s now lightning fast again. MUCH better 🙂 I’ll take it with me to Tama, IA while I’m there for my 7 – 10 day stint. I’ll work on Trajectory Zone while I’m there – should help me keep my sanity a while longer 😉

Speaking of TZ… it’s getting closer and closer to done. Feature freeze is in place, so it’s only cleanup and implementation of pre-planned features right now. Here’s the cool part… I’ve got a publisher for the Linux version setup already. Not a done deal, of course – the have seen the current screenshots, etc. along with the writeup on the game. That pretty much sold them already, but, I’ll ship them a full demo as soon as I hit wide beta with it. As soon as I take my week straight off, I’ll have all gameplay elements, sound, etc. completed and in the game (however, the sound guy wants to redo the alien ‘voices’ – he didn’t like his work on ’em, so, he’s planning on doing something different possibly.) It’s great to have all the introduction sounds, etc! The announcers sound great, and have a lot of variety to them – it’s awsome! The aliens in the single-player / multiplayer bot version ‘talk back’ in thier strange language, which is kinda neat. Overall, I’m getting more and more impressed with this piece of work.

The BBS WAS moving along smoothly, but, I put a halt to part of the development, to explore a different idea – instead of just supporting Windows, setting it up so I can support ANY platform. Heabo has a Mac, I’ve got Linux installs, etc., so there’s no excuse not to do it. However, the language in question I’m workin’ with is rather interesting – I’m looking at using Python with it. Yet another new language to play with, but, looks pretty logical.

In general, life has been pretty good lately. It’s not perfect, but good – as expected, I could use more money, etc.

The Beast has been having some problems – the carb seems to be untuned now. So far no amount of tweaking has gotten it ‘just right’, but we also discovered the throttle cable is so damned loose now it’s amazing you can get much of anything out of it. I was just gonna cheat the tune problem (The Beast runs just fine on the road, just stalls out at a stop light) and tighten the throttle cable a bit… except it’s not possible with the current setup – it’s hardwired. Sheesh. I’ll have ta’ fix it when I get back (or Heabo will do it before I get home.)

Looks like Pop is going to be busy – CodeRed II just resurfaced with a new version (Code.Red.F). Oh joys. Of course, I don’t have a single IIS server left, so, doesn’t affect me much 😉



2003-03-23 09:16 am UTC (from (link)  Select

I got to watch alot of tv latedly due to being snowed in…..I got to see the field of dreams finally …..

so is this heaaven???

no, this is iowa

hope things went swimmingly for you there.

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