January 4, 2001

First entry of 2001 – Boulder Panic! 2 DX release (and bug!), the whole Microsoft VBA deal, and more…

So, about 2 AM last night, I released Boulder Panic! 2 DX – the new version of BP!2 that moves everything to DirectX 7. It took quite a bit of hammering and tweaking, but, everything looked good. I had already tested the graphical compatabiliy (ie – does the graphics show up perfectly on all machines I can get my hands on?) – there had been some problems there, but, the final test version I had played with looked like everything was perfect.

It failed. Damn – something went wrong in two places. One, when someone has a screensize of 1280 x 1024 (or higher) they can’t click some of the gems on the lower-right hand side. Figured that one out already – while I haven’t been back to the home-office to see it, I can remember the offending line of code. (I’ve been working on BP!2 DX too long if I can remember something like THAT!) The second problem is much bigger, and can crash BP!2 DX with a combination of certain video cards and resolutions. Damn. So, it’s gonna be another long night of testing, tweaking, etc. while I figure this one out!

At the same time that I’m getting bad news, I got more good news. The contract with MS is almost done – basically, I got the ‘Welcome!’ letter today saying it was a go. Cool. Even more interesting is all the services, etc. that I get access to. Oh, and I get one really cool item – one year free Universal MSDN Subscription. That means I get free copies of Office 2000 Developer, betas of a ton of stuff, various version of Windows 2000 server products for testing, MS Visual Studio Enterprise edition, etc. LOTS of stuff comes with that. Pretty cool!

Personally, I’m getting more and more jazzed about all this. Things are REALLY starting to look good for this little company. Of course, I still don’t have money in the bank….

On a personal note – did the whole New Years Eve party type thing this year again. It was hosted at my house – ever have a party that was good enough that you end up smiling about it for days? This was one of them 🙂

Here’s wishing all the friends and customers of MidnightRyder.Com a great 2001!

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