June 7, 2001 – I’m alive, I swear it!

Yep – it’s true, I’m still in the land of the living. But what the heck have I been up to for the last month, you ask? Read on, and find out! For the last month, work put as much effort as possible into driving me NUTS. I’ve got a project that’s just been the project from hell – it happens. Worse than normal in this case – the custom reporting software doesn’t do it’s job worth a crud, and I ended up spending more time cutting it out of the loop to make my own solution to the problems. *SIGH* So it goes sometimes… 
But, that doesn’t mean I haven’t gotten any work done for Midnight Ryder Technologies. I’m having to re-write the ARMF information (I focused it wrong. Dang. Dat’s a lotta work!). I’ve been working on Jumpman: 2049 a bit (of course), and I’ve got a new project that I’ll be unveiling shortly. The tenative name is Styx Crossing – this involves multiple games, more ‘community’ stuff, and an online service, all rolled into one. Interested yet? Ya should be – it’s going to be cool, IMHO. 
Styx Crossing was NOT something that I had really set down and planned to do. It all started with a conversation concerning some of our old favorite games, and discussing how to resurrect some of them. Well, Styx Crossing does that. We’ll see how well it’s accepted, of course – release time is within the next couple of weeks, schedule and the gods of computing willing. 
I’ve also got quite a few more game designs setting on the table after the last month – my creativity didn’t stop just because I’ve been busy 😉 Full details will be provided shortly, plus a special discount offer to all my previous customers (I know they enjoy games, so, it makes sense to offer them a great deal on more games! ;-) 
Ok, that’s it for now – I gotta get back to work! 
Midnight Ryder 
AKA Davis Ray Sickmon, Jr 
President, Midnight Ryder Technologies 

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