Major events aren’t always a good thing

For anyone who’s been watching the evolution of World of Gamer Zone through my blog on myspace or Xanga… sorry, things have been pretty messed up lately, and you’ll see why when you read below.
Most of the major events in my life can be described as positive in one way or another. I view ’em as good things when all is said and done. This one, I have a harder time with.
I’m getting a divorce. Now, the first thing that people visualize when those words are said is yelling, screaming, lots of time in court, and some seriously bitter people. That’s not the case with Heather and I. This is a mutal thing where we realized our lives no longer fit together, our goals together don’t work, and we really don’t have a basis to work from anymore. In other words, we fell apart as a couple.
That’s not to say we’re not interested in continuing a relationship – as friends at least. We’re getting together and going out to supper this weekend, and seeing a movie. Out on a date as friends. 
Even with an amicable separation like this, it’s still painful and, well, makes me bitchy  Luckly I have pleanty o’ good friends to chat with, and that includes my now ex-wife. So, I get by with a little help from my friends.
As for the various goin’s on outside of my personal life…
Gamer Zone has been opening late for the last two weeks, opening at 7 PM instead of the usual 2 PM. This is for two reasons – it was too damned hot up there during the mid-day hours. Second, it allowed me to get a couple o’ things in the works to help improve this issue on a longer term basis. Yehaw 
World of Gamer Zone is now on Episode 7 – but no episodes are online yet. I finally have encoding and all that jazz looking exactly the way I want it too – I didn’t want it to have too many artifacts from mpeg compression, etc. and it took A LOT of work to get it “just right”, while still being able to be streamed online.
Epsodes 1 – 3 have now aired on KTQW-Wichita, and Episodes 1 – 3 have been encoded for webcasting. Sweet. Every episode gets better – Meredith and I both look pretty natural and practiced at the whole process now. We’re by no means perfect, but we do pretty good. The actual content gets cooler and cooler, and more and more graphics and flash added to the episodes. Episode 8 is going to be an odd one though – we’re only going to film a few minutes of footage for the front end, then it’s going to be clips from the previous episodes (yes, a “clip show” already). KTQW requested to re-run Episode 1 as a “fundamentals” sort of thing – the game development portion of the show builds from that. I decided there was a better way – build up the three important parts, and use them back to back in one episode that’s basical “World of Gamer Zone 101” for anyone who missed the previous episodes. It should work ok, but a little boring for anyone who watches the show all the time. 
And I do know people are watching at least a little – I’ve gotten comments back about it. Good, so it’s not just me talking to a camera with no one watching 
Lance (Meredith’s husband, and good friend of mine) will be the guy handling the website(s) here shortly. I build up all the tech for it, but haven’t had time to update it as often as I should. Once the episodes start going online, Lance will be keepin’ all the stuff running there – yet another thing off of my plate  
I’m also bidding some more jobs here shortly, so I’m finally going to have some income. Unluckly that all goes towards the towing pile of debt I’ve got. Ouch. But getting back into some “real” work sounds real good about now – I’m really tired of being broke as hell at the moment 
World of Gamer Zone / Gamer Zone / Midnight Ryder Technologies / Midnight Ryder Productions
(Hm… that list is getting a bit excessive 
Oh…wow… Let me know if there’s anything I can do…
I’ll try not to make fun of your hat or something for a while ^_^
Chins up
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