Midnight Ryder’s Junk Pile (Should I work for free?)

Every once in a while I really want to to the standard blogger thing – you know, lift some text from a site and make semi-witty comments about it.  But I never quite get to it, and I don’t really have a place to dump that sort of stuff.

Well, now I do – it all goes in the Junk Pile now.  Well, Midnight Ryder’s Junk Pile to be more specific.  I have no idea how often I’ll bother updating this – but I PLAN on updating it at least once a day on weekdays (I’m gonna pass on blogging on Shabbat, and Sunday I plan on spending doing other stuff that’s more important, and away from the computer 🙂  And of course expect my usual almost-but-not-quite-witty commentary on the stuff I post here 🙂

First thing I’m gonna post amuses me considerably, but it’s not complete.  “Should I Work For Free” gives you a nice flowchart to help determine if you should or shouldn’t work for free.  I’m in violation of this flowchart quite often – and I’m fine with that.  However, there’s also a lot of work I don’t do for free, no matter how nicely someone asks.  Let’s face it, I’m about as broke as you can get some months so taking on free projects causes even worse cash flow problems – if the project is interesting, I’ll absorb myself into something that doesn’t pay the bills!

But now, there’s this handy flowchart I can hang on the wall and refer to it!  Of course, I’ll keep doing free stuff about the same way I did before – I’ve got a pretty flat learning curve when it comes to that sort of thing. 😉  (Interesting note:  I applaud the author of this flowchart for doing it all in HTML and CSS rather than a big honkin’ graphic.  It loads fast, and it translates into other languages easily.  Kinda cool to see it in Chinese or Hebrew 🙂

-=[ Should I Work For Free? ]=-

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