More Mozilla toys…

got to stop and load up some of the Mozilla plugins. One of them I’m using
right now – Live Lizard.  It’s a Live Journal module for enterin’ your journal
entries.  However, it’s got quite a bit more stuff than the normal Windows
editor the have.  Basically is a HTML editor that is LiveJournal aware,  so
you’ve got all the goodies from the Mozilla HTML editor, plus some stuff
just for the live journal.  Pretty slick really.

Of course, I won’t
even use an 1/8th of it’s functionality (I barely do any formatting for my
journal anyway) but it makes for a cool little toy.

Also downloaded
the CSS editor, calender app, and a couple o’ other extensions.  I must admit
– they have done really nice with Mozilla 1.0  I’ve still managed to find
a couple of quirks with it (mainly due to my dual-head display on this machine),
and Mozilla Mail has some good and bad features to it.  


all that’s goin’ on, I’ve changed Midnight Ryder Technologies strategy considerably.
 For the longest time I’ve been running this as a one-man-band, but keep
thinking about taking people on to help out.  Well, I finally broke down
and did it.  I put up three help wanted ads.  

The first, and most
successful so far is for someone to handle marketing (in exchange for a cut
from sales of all products they are involved in)   That will increase my
available time, and hopefully increase my revenues.  I’ve got three applicants,
one of which looks pretty good so far.

The second is for a modeler
(preferably MilkShape, but I’ll take what I can get) experienced with the
Torque engine animations.  No dice on that one yet.

The third is for a level maker – got one applicant right now (and a good one at that, I think.)

I can get the positions filled, and hurry up and finish Trajectory, then
look at if I’m going to need to do the same thing with Gremlin Panic!, and
possibly Jumpman: 2049 later (I doubt I hire anyone to help with Jumpman:
2049 actually.)

It makes me a bit nervous havin’ to depend on someone
else, but, as things go right now my time is to fragmented between other
things to do it all myself.  We’ll see how this goes.


the wood is cut for the first cabnet, and we’ll hopefully build it up tonight,
tomarrow during the day, or Sunday during the day (I also have to mow BADLY
on Sunday!  It’s getting tall…)  I did the most difficult cabnet (the corner
cabnet, which has a 45° angled front, and sticks out by two inches, and is
taller than most of the rest of the cabnets.  You would probably have to
see it to understand.  BTW – one other nice feature of Live Lizard – the
” ° ” symbol is easily inserted using ‘Insert –> Characters and Symbols”
and selecting the symbol you want.  Nice feature.)  After that, the rest
of the cabnets are MUCH more simple to build up.

I realize I need
a couple o’ more parts yet – we plan on having adjustable shelves, but, I
haven’t picked up shelf holders yet.  Hm – something to add to the Home Depot
list.  Still need to get those nice hinges that hold the cabnet doors closed,
and a couple o’ other things, but not much – most of the real expense has
already be shelled out.  Well… we haven’t bought all the fancy trim for
the project yet.  There’s about 25 foot of one trim to buy, and the same
amount of another – that gets to be the expensive part.  But all the rounded
stuff we don’t have to buy – we’ve got a router that handles all that now


Time ta’ snag lunch.  Heabo’s shepard’s pie – yummy!

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