Moving On, Flying High, Keeping In Touch

File That One Under “Done”

Well, earlier today I thought I’d manage to post that I completed 4 of my “in house” projects.

At the last minute, it didn’t happen release happened on two out of four sites.  The other two had last minute failures (oddly enough, in exactly the same module.  Bummer.)

The first one is boring (Though I already have some emails saying “Woohoo!” and patting me on the back about it.)  Long story short, I host the SWEng-GameDev list, which has a couple of people from every game development studio out there on it (well, not including some really small studios, and iD doesn’t have anyone on there for some reason.)   I’ve been hosting it for years, and it’s never had a “proper” home and website for it.  So now it does.  SWEng-GameDev Wiki.  Again, boring (unless you happen to be a game developer, then it’s a bit better than boring. 🙂

The second one of the four might be some interest to the gamers on my list:  Gameripedia.  It’s all about gamers.  No, not games really, but gamers themselves.  It’s an interesting concept, and I’ll give it some time to see if it goes anywhere.

I’ll post about the other two whenever I get ’em working properly 🙂

My original goal was to find a project to do using MediaWiki (or any Wiki based system) since I’m starting to see the technology leak into other areas now.  Each of the 4 sites had completely different needs, and so I learned the core, and then the esoteric bits of the Wiki systems.  I know somewhere around 75% of it now (and where to find 15% more of what you can do with it.  Unless I audit the source, the last 10% will always elude me, since it’s obscure bits that aren’t very well documented.  I’m not gonna go that far 😉

All but the SWEng-GameDev site are advertising supported sites, so, the more traffic the more the ads are worth, the more I put in my pocket :-)  I’ll tell ya about the other 2 as soon as they are working perfectly.  Oh, and mention to your gamer friends 😉

Moving On…

Well, so far I’m still living with Lance and Meredith.  As usual, things have to have their own little drama, and getting a new place to live is no exception.  I’m supposed to have a new place at the end of this month. 

I’m really tired of waiting.  I’ve got no problem with L & M, they’ve been great.  But it’s really time to get a life :-)  And a garden – if I don’t get the place soon, I’m not going to be in time to plant!

Flying High…

Moving On, Flying High, Keeping In Touch 1At first glance, it looks like my buddy Brandon has ahold of a model of the SR-71.

That’s not a model – it’s fun how things look when ya’ get ’em at an odd perspective :-)  That’s the SR-71A that the Kansas Cosmosphere has in their atrium, along with a full size mockup of the Space Shuttle, and another plane I didn’t immediately identify (I think it was a trainer of some sort, but honestly, if you put an SR-71 in the same room as any other plane, does anyone really freakin’ notice the other plane?!)

To date, I still think that’s the most kick ass plane ever built.  Yeah, it’s not stealthy (it was stealthy-er than other planes built during it’s time period), it doesn’t carry a full complement of nukes, and it’s not fly by wire.

But man that thing rocks seeing it up close.

I’ve known it’s been there for ages, but somehow I never quite get around to seeing it in person.  Wasn’t until I mentioned it to Brandon, and he said he’s never been – “Road trip!”  of course, the road trip isn’t quite as fun with two adults and two kids.  One of the kids being a bit hyperactive. 

Of course I’m sure his wife was greatfull for the break from the kids :-)  (Well, she did get stuck with the 2 year old.)

I’m gonna stick a couple other pics of the SR-71 in my pictures area.  Just too cool 🙂

Keeping In Contact

So my vow for the beginning of the year was to keep up with people, and do things like send Christmas and Birthday cards.

Yeah… hasn’t worked to well so far.  I did manage to fuck with Nick a bit – as fate would have it I had just gotten Heather and Nick’s address a bit before, so I sent Nick a card.  Unsigned.  And from a Wichita postmark (rather than Derby, just to throw him off.)  I’m sure he figured it out probably 30 seconds after getting the card, but performing just a little evil on him seemed appropriate 🙂

I’ve managed to send out TWO cards so far this year.  One to Nick, one to Meredith (which was cheating – I had mentioned not sending out cards like I planned, and she bugged me a bit, so I gave her a combination Valentine’s Card / Birthday Card.  It was on time for Valentines, and like what, 13 days late for her Birthday? 🙂

So here’s the deal – if yer on my friends list, send me your address so I can do things like send cards out for special holidays.  Oh, and you might tell me your birthday too 🙂

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