My Lost Novel: Prologue

Prologue – In a time outside of time…

He looked down upon His Children, in love and awe at what They had become. While all knowing, all seeing, and all feeling, even He had to pause from time to time at the sight of Their evolution from mindless creatures to what They shall become in the far future.  While His Children were flawed, each and every one of Them were perfect in His eyes.  He was the only one that truly understood Them.  Not a single one of Them understood Themselves, or Their final destiny as His Children.  Eventually They would understand, and begin to understand Their destiny.  But that was far in the future.

He began moving his focus forward and backwards through time, slowing and speeding it up in His eyes at will.  He watched each of His Children separately , and all at once.  Each one of Them took a separate path within Their lives, but all of Them moved together as one towards a single destiny.  While He did not choose Their paths for them, at times He required certain paths to be taken by certain Children at different times.  They had a term for it – “Divine Intervention.”  They never quite understood His motives, or even when He was actively laying a path.  Each had free will, but when He intervened, They had little choice in the matter – They would choose the path He laid before Them.

Each was free to do as They choose, but each of Them had a station in life that they fulfilled.  Each of Them had a path They would follow, even of Their own free will.  He sighed deeply…

Some of Them had a more painful path than others…


——– Writing Notes ———–

This was the Prologue from a novel I started, oh, maybe a dozen years ago. I lost it during a hard drive crash, never to return. Or so I thought.

This weekend I caught up with an old friend, who mentioned “Yeah, I just ran across a copy of your novel.” HRM?! I had forgotten – I printed out a copy that I gave to a friend for him and his wife to look at and tell me what they thought.

The book? Sucks. Badly. My writing was horrible. EXCEPT… I really like this introduction. It just worked so well for my concept. Someday, I may return to this novel, resurrect it, and completely rewrite it from scratch. Except this one bit. That I’ll keep – except for the typos.


——— Additional Notes ———–

At this point in my life this piece of work is over a decade old.  My first book – The Story Of Gamer Zone – came out in March 2009, and this pre-dated it by at least a decade (there’s no date stamp on the copy I got back from Jeff, so I’m basing that number of some vague memories).

There’s a couple of things:  I really do think one of these days I’ll return back to this book and write it again.  I liked the concept a lot.

The other thing looking at it after all this time is that it serves as a religious reminder.  You can look in the Messianic Musings section for a bit more about my religious history, but, it reminds me that even when I wasn’t walking the path, or when I went off to study other religious concepts, that core belief was still there for me.

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