New ‘Aw Fuck!’ for the day

– just discovered a problem.  I decided ‘hell with it, I’m going to make
some models for the game’ and loaded up milkshape, and proceeded to build
a brand new ‘old style’ Scorched Earth type turret for Trajectory.  The model
went together QUICK, and looked awsome – I was impressed.  I went from mental
image to untextured item in less than 5 minutes.  I hit the ‘save’ button,
and that’s when the “Aw fuck!” happened.  I planned on buying Milkshape,
which is a whopping $20 – but I never broke down and DID it.  Problem – now
my demo doesn’t save my work, and I’ve got to resort to AutoCAD 2000i to
do my modeling until I can afford Milkshape next month (which, by then, won’t
be nessisary I suppose 😉

What a freakin’ bummer!  AutoCAD 2000i will export 3ds format, so I’ll muddle along with that for now!

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