New Years Eve 2001 Party

New Years Eve 2001 Party 1

Digging way back into the past – one of the many parties hosted at the house!

32 thoughts on “New Years Eve 2001 Party”

  1. I have one explenation for this: Harvey. If you add the extra pounds that we all have now, and look at Harvey back then, we can blame our current problems on Harvey. When he moved, he left the extra pounds behind, and we all absorbed it!

  2. Just grabbed the photo album to look how far back I have stuff for… Remember when there was a maze in my back yard? 🙂 (Actually, in my personal photo albums, for some reason I have stuff that dates back to me at Prom. Not sure how I ended up with those pics – might actually scan one in someday and throw on here just to show what a Young Davis looked like 😉

    Unluckly, the scanner isn't hooked up at the moment, so, I won't be hitting that pile for quite a while. Almost done with my various digital pics.

  3. DEAR GOD!! I honestly didn't recognize myself!! I got a couple pics in wondering who that was when I realized it was me!! Damn I was skinny…. I'm going to go with Davis's theory and blame Harvey.

  4. Wow. We were all skinny, and our long hair was short, or our short hair was long… Man we've all changed. Well, except at Nick's wedding. We may have looked different, but we sure as heck acted like we did back then… 😉

  5. If you look closer at the picture before it, you can see why I'm getting flipped off – you can see Seth's hand as he's counting off Nora Snorts. I decided to snap a pic while she was snorting, and got flipped off 🙂

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