Ok, well, at least the pain has subsided. I started the new workout regeme today. Well, actually only half of it – early mornings is heavy bag workout. My stamina on the Heavy Bag sucks. I only lasted 15 minutes, and towards the end I was gettin’ pretty damned sloppy with it.

Fighting is nothing new – granted, I haven’t had a scrap in a while now (as in, like 8 years or so I’m guessin’) But one thing hugely different – fights last less than 15 seconds normally. Trying to keep up that pace of throwing blows (at full strength) is really hard on my outta shape body when I try and do it for 15 minutes. And the goal is 20 minutes, without any of it being sloppy.

It was kinda funny, though – my first day, and it friggin’ was raining on me while I was beatin’ the heavy bag. Not a horrible problem, but, not a great way to start. The upside was that my opponent never fell down this time, so I didn’t have to slow down every 30 seconds or so to reset the dummy. Managed to get through three stances. However, I follishly only streched for a minute or so before starting, and didn’t do my katta.

I paid for that later. Got into the office, and sat down… and didn’t want to get back up again for quite a while! My arms, shoulders, chest, and abs ALL hurt for a while. It’s gone away now, and I’m feeling much better. And dispite that, I had a very good energy level this morning (wasn’t suprised by that – that’s part of the reason why I planned on doing it in the mornings.)

I’m probably going to modify my original plan though – Mon., upper body, tues. combo, weds. lower body, repeat. Too many moves realy require either a stun blow before moving to footwork, or require immediately moving to block blows or using blows during the split second of recovery. If I spend too much time not doing those, I’ll end up out of practice, and if I *DO* ever need it, I’ll end up being knocked on my ass quick.

Next week starts the full bore workout – this week I’m only doing the heavy bag. Next week I’ll add the weights into the workout in the evenings. I cringe to think of how painful next week is gonna be probably. After the first week it gets better, and just becomes a matter of being sure to keep up the regeme dispite travels at times, etc.

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