Ok – what’s gonna break?

Ever have one of those days where you were currious if you managed to offend someone in thier sleep? I’ve got one o’ those today – my loving wife spent a good amount of time beating on me in her sleep last night. Needless to say, I’m not as well rested as I would like to be after a weekend 😉

I don’t think it was intentional, of course – most of it seemed to be her smackin’ me when she rolled over, etc. And trying to lay on top of me 😉 Oh well – one short night of sleep won’t kill me 🙂

Workouts are still going good – Heabo skipped out on last night’s workout, though. Originally, we weren’t supposed to be working out on Sunday, but on Saturday she had a light workout day instead of the usual, and wanted to make up for it. Unluckly, she wasn’t feelin’ well on Sunday, so I went alone. Ya know, going alone sucks – it’s not nearly as much fun, ‘specially when we hit the hot tub / pool stage. I don’t have anyone to talk to at that point! I’ll have to get used to it though – Heabo is gonna have to go during the day for a couple o’ days a week when she’s in school, and I’ll have to go that night without her since she’ll be in class.

While I’ve kept busy (I started this entry at 8:47 AM, it’s 12:05 PM now) programming Trajectory based stuff, filling out my timesheet, etc., this has NOT been a typical Monday morning. Nothing has broken yet. Nothing. Not even a printer or email problem. This is impressive. But it also means I’ve gotten quite a few things done on game programming – Trajectory now supports things like bill-board based foliage without network overhead, etc. With the right textures (that’s Eric Forhan, the level editor’s job) we can make some awsome grass-filled levels 🙂 Also getting ready to throw in the new UI elements like player model and skin selection – what is really polish work. Should look good, and be ready for ‘real’ models to be thrown into the game. Still need music and FX to be thrown in there.

One interesting change may occur here at work – they may off our overtime. Work is slow – REALLY slow. No surprise there. But it also means that when we do a job, the overtime is killing us – it really dumps the profitability of a job, which means our jobs are less secure. So instead, we’ve been kickin’ around ideas for what we should be doing instead. My idea (and Lance seemed to like it too) is comp-time. Basically, for every hour of overtime, you get an hour of comp-time. Then later, you ‘spend’ your comp time like paid vacation time. To me, it’s about the best way of doing things – we still get bennies for being outta town, and the company remains profitable.

The room moving project in the house is getting closer and closer to starting – Heabo and I have been discussin’ where to throw stuff at both for staging the move and where it’s all gonna reside when it’s done. This should be fun – we’ve got to build some new cabinets, etc., but overall it’s gonna be pretty cool and easy.

Well, enough blaberin’, time to go back to programin’.

Just another winner, pours is life down the drain.
Just another island in a hurricane.
Just another looser, like a cat in the rain.
Just another day in the path of a speeding train.
(The odds get even)
You name the game,
(The odds get even)
The stakes are the same –
You bet your life.

— Rush, You Bet Your Life.
(Taken out of context, it sounds a little more sinister than intended. Oh well… 😉

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