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The Story of Gamer Zone is now available for order through Amazon!

So what is The Story of Gamer Zone?  Ages ago, a LAN Gaming center was opened at Harry & Broadway in Wichita, Kansas. For two years Gamer Zone was a gamer gathering point.

This is the story of Gamer Zone’s rise and eventual fall. It’s told from my perspective – the guy who took the most hours behind the counter, the guy who took responsability, and eventually the guy who took the fall.  It covers all the successes and failures we, as a team had.  It also covers the aftermath of such a failure.

There’s more than one way to look at the book – it’s either a historical account of a business, or it’s a learning tool.  Take your pick.  It’s geeky in some places, but the focus is on the business aspects, not the video games that were involved.

Originally, it was being written as a blog on what happened, and how to avoid making those mistakes.  About 18,000 words into The Story of Gamer Zone’s blog version, I realized I had long since surpassed the original goal of a blog and was moving into the territory of writing a book.

And so it is now – The Story of Gamer Zone has a print version.  The print version had major cleanups compaired to the much lower quality blog version.  At the moment, the blog version is still on here and the first two chapters are available for free reading (which includes all the bad grammar, spelling errors, horrible editing… well, you get the idea.  It was a blog.)  You can purchase the book version from Amazon, OR, you can read all of the chapters online (handy if you have a smart phone – take your book with you anywhere.)  The online version is currently still the blog, however I’ll be replacing the blog version with the text from the print version sometime soon – so for $5 you’ll be able to read the entire thing as it appeared in print!

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